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4 fifths is bigger than 2 thirds.

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Q: Which fraction is bigger 2 third or 4 fifth?
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Which fraction is bigger 2 thirds or one fifth?


What fraction is bigger a third or 2 thirds?

Two thirds is twice as much as one third.

Which fraction is bigger 1 forth or 2 fifth?

2/5 is 60% more than 1/4 .

Which fraction is bigger 1 quarter or 2 third?

One quarter (25%) is less than 2/3 (66%).

What fraction is bigger 35 or 23?

what fraction is bigger 3/5 or 2/3

How do you subtract a smaller fraction by a bigger fraction?

You can subtract the bigger fraction by the smaller fraction and then put a minus sign in front of the answer.

How is 1 third bigger than 2 fifth?

It isn't. 1 third=5 fifteenths 1 fifth is 3 fifteenths so 2 fifths=6 fifteenths So 1/3 is less than 2/5 by 1/15

What is one fifth as a fraction?

1/5 is a fraction.One fifth is a fraction, so it is equal to 1/5

Is the fraction 710 bigger than the fraction 25?

7/10 is bigger than 2/5

What is 2 and 3 fifth as a fraction?


What fraction is the double of one fifth?


What is the fraction one fifth in decimal form?


What fraction is same as one fifth?


What is bigger two fifths or one third?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 2/5 is equal to 0.4.Expressed as a decimal fraction, 1/3 is equal to 0.3 recurring (that is, 0.3333...)Therefore, 2/5 is bigger than 1/3.

What fraction is bigger 2-5's or 3- 10's?

2/5 you have to convert it into tens which will make the fraction 4/10. So 2/5 is bigger

What is 2 one fifth as an improper fraction?


What is zero point four as a fraction in fifth?


What fraction is less than three fifth?


What is one fifth of two third?


What fraction is bigger 23 or 712?

2/3 is bigger than 7/12.

Which fraction is bigger a half or a quarter?

1/2 is bigger than 1/4.

Which fraction is the biggest 210 28?

2/8 is bigger than 2/10

Is the fraction 2-14 bigger than 1 If it is why?


Which fraction is bigger than a quarter?


How do you determine which fractions are largest when comparing them?

the bigger the denominator (the bottom #) is the smaller the fraction the bigger it is the bigger the fraction. Ex: 1/2 is half 1/3 is a third 1/4 is a forth think of it like the pieces of a pie.