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Two thirds is (6 and 2/3) percent bigger than 5 eighths.

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Q: Which fraction is bigger 2 thirds or 5 eighths?
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Is two eighths or two thirds bigger?

2 eights

Is three eighths larger than two thirds?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 3/8, or three eighths, is equal to 0.375.Expressed as a decimal fraction, 2/3, or two thirds, is equal to 0.6 recurring.2/3 is seven twenty-fourths bigger than three eighths.

What fraction is bigger 1 half or 2 thirds?

two thirds

Which fraction is bigger 2 thirds or one fifth?


What fraction is bigger a third or 2 thirds?

Two thirds is twice as much as one third.

Which fraction is bigger 2 third or 4 fifth?

4 fifths is bigger than 2 thirds.

Which benchmark fraction is bigger 4 sixths or 2 thirds?

They are equivalent.

Which is bigger the fraction three eighths or two sixths?

(3/8) is 12.5% bigger than (2/6).

Is two thirds bigger than four eighths?

Yes 2/3 is 66.6% . 4/8 is 50%.

Which is bigger the fraction two fifths or seven eights?

Seven eighths is bigger. 2\5 < 7\8

Is two thirds or five eighths the bigger fraction?

2/3 66.6% and 5/8 62.5% thus 2/3 is bigger. Looked at another way, if we find the common denominator, we can make a direct comparison. 2/3 and 5/8 have 24 as a common denominator. If we convert them to 24ths, we'll have 16/24 and 15/24, respectively. And as 16/24 is larger than 15/24, the fraction 2/3 is larger.

What is 4 and 2 thirds as a fraction?

4 and 2 thirds as a fraction = 4 2/3

If something is 2 thirds bigger is it the same as it being 3 times bigger?

No, because 2 thirds is a fraction which is 2/3 which is 66.6 percent of what the original size (which means it is actually a decreased size) is where as 3 times bigger would be increasing the size by 3.

Is two thirds a fraction?

Yes 2/3 or two thirds is a fraction.

What is 2 thirds in fraction?

Two thirds=2/3

What fraction is bigger 2 5ths or 2 3ths?

Two fifths = six fifteenths, two thirds = ten fifteenths...

What is 8 2 thirds as an improper fraction?

eight and 2 thirds as an improper fraction is 26/3

What is two-thirds in fraction form?

Two thirds is the name of the fraction 2/3.

How many three eighths is in one?

2 and two thirds

What are three statements showing what the fraction two thirds mean?

2/3 is bigger than 1/3

What is seven eighths plus one and two thirds?

2 2/3

What is two-thirds as a fraction?

Two thirds is 2/3.

How do you write 2 thirds as a fraction?

It is simply 2/3 as a fraction

What is 2 thirds plus 5 eighths?

1 and 7 24ths

What is two thirds divided by seven eighths?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 2/3 / 7/8 = 16/21 or sixteen twenty-firsts.