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Q: Which fraction is bigger 2 thirds or one fifth?
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Is two thirds bigger then one fifth?


What fraction is bigger a third or 2 thirds?

Two thirds is twice as much as one third.

What is the least fraction one fifth two thirds or five eighths?


What fraction is one fifth equal to?

One fifth is a fraction, so it's equal to one fifth or 1/5.

Is two thirds bigger or one half?

no two thirds is

What is an improper fraction for ten thirds?

Ten thirds is an improper fraction. As a mixed number, it would be three and one-third.

What will be an equivalent fraction be for one fifth?

An equivalent fraction for one fifth would be two tenth if you multiply it by two.

Is the fraction nine thirds equal to the fraction twenty one eights?


What is the fraction one-fifth in decimal form?

one-fifth = .20

Which fraction is the smallest one six or five nine or one fifth?

One fifth is the only fraction in the list so it is the smallest.

What is one fifth as a fraction?

1/5 is a fraction.One fifth is a fraction, so it is equal to 1/5

Is 20.4 percent a fourth of a fraction?

No, but 25% would be equal to a fraction of one-fourth. 20% would be equal to a fraction of one-fifth. So 20.4% would be equal to a fraction closer to one-fifth only slightly bigger. The exact fraction for 20.4% is 204/1000 which when reduced to its simplest form would equal 51/250

What fraction is equivalent to two tenths?

one fifthone fifth

What is an improper fraction for one and one third?

Four thirds.

Equivalent decimal of fraction one fifth?

The decimal equivalent of the vulgar fraction 1/5, or one fifth, is equal to 0.2.

Is two thirds less than one sixth?

no two thirds is equal to four sixths no two thirds is equal to four sixths. Two thirds is 4 times larger than 1 sixth No one sixth is smaller. Whenever you do fractions alwaysthink of pies. Like for example you make two pies you cut one pie in six parts, and the other in three parts which slices are bigger. Or also you eat 2 of the 3 slices of one pie and 1 of the 6 slice in the other, which pie is emptier. The pie that is emptier had the bigger slices so therefore that fraction you ate from the emptier pie is bigger than the other fraction.

Is two thirds greater than one fifth?


What is four fifth subtract one thirds?

seven fifteenths

What fraction of one hour is 40min?

two thirds

Is two fifths an equivalent fraction of one thirds?


What is -1.6666666666666667 as a fraction?

negative one and two thirds

What fraction of 3kg is 600g?

600 grams is one-fifth of 3kg.

What is the answer to this fraction problem seven fifths minus one and one fifth?

1 fifth

What is a fraction bigger than 1?

A fraction bigger than one is an improper fraction.

Six and two-thirds divided by one and one fifth?