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five over twelve is bigger than three over eight

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Q: Which fraction is bigger five over twelve or three over eight?
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Which fraction is bigger three fourths or eight ninthe?

8/9 is greater.

Which fraction is bigger three quarters or twelve sixteenths?

The two fractions are both equivalent to each other.

What is the fraction for three divided by twelve?

The fraction for three divided by twelve is 3/12, which simplifies to 1/4

What fraction is bigger one quarter or three eight?

one quarter = two eighths therefore, three eighths is larger than one quarter

What is the equivalent fraction to three twelve?

it is one fourth

What is twelve sixteenths as a fraction in its simplest form?

The simplest form of twelve sixteenths is three fourths.

What the lowest term for twelve twentieths?

Three fifths is the lowest equal fraction for twelve twentieths.

Is the fraction three eighths equal to the fraction eight thirds?


What is the LCM of three eight twelve and fifteen?


How do you say 12.873 in decimal words?

twelve and eight hundred and seventy-three thousandths

What is bigger three quarters or five sixths?

Five sixths is the bigger fraction.

Which is bigger the fraction five eighths or three fifths?

5/8 is bigger

What is three divided by eight divided by twelve?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 3/8 / 12 = 1/32 or one thirty-secondth.

What is 3.08 as a fraction?

three and eight hundredths

What is bigger three eights or eight fifteens?

three eights

What fraction is bigger. Two thirds or three quarters?

three quarters

Is five twelve greater than three eight?

No it is less.

What is 12345008 in word form?

Twelve million three hundred (and) forty-five thousand and eight

Is the fraction 38 equal to the fraction 83?

thirty-eight is the reduced fraction of eighty-three.

What is eight and three fourths plus three and seven twelfths?

twelve and four twelfths

What is the greatest common factor of nine over twelve used as a fraction?


What is three out of twelve as a whole number?

.25 as a decimal, 1/4 as a fraction

Is eight over twenty three as a fraction equal to three fourths?


What fraction is bigger than one quarter?

Three quarters.

Is the fraction one sixths bigger than three eights?