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7 percent = 0.07 = 7/100

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2013-07-18 02:51:05
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Q: Which fraction is equivalent to 7 percent show working out?
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What is 2 percent as a fraction show your working out?


Which fraction is equivalent to 2 percent show all work?

2% as a fraction is 1/50 !

What fraction is equivalent to 0.8375 show work?

0.8375 = 8375/10000 is an equivalent fraction. No additional working is required. The given fraction can be simplified but the question only asked for an equivalent fraction not a fraction in its simplest form.

What is 97 percent as a fraction show your working out?

97% = 97/100 so in fraction it is 97/100 and is also in its lowest form

How do you convert percent to a fraction show your work?

Divide the percentage number by 100. It is not possible to show the working because there are infinitely many fractions and they require slightly different working.

How do you show 46.50 percent as a fraction?

46.50% = 93/100 as a fraction

How can you use a ruler to show an equivalent fraction?

you can

How do you show 5.5 percent as a fraction?

5.5% = 11/200

How can you show that a fraction and percent are equivelent?

Multiply the fraction by 100 or divide the percentage by 100: in each case you will get the other representation.

Can you show me an equivalent fraction?

Yes and an example is 1/2 = 2/4

How does one fifth equal twenty percent?

A percent is a fraction out of 100. 1/5 = 20/100. (By multiplying the numerator and denominator by 20, you keep the fraction the same but show a percentage.)

What is the fraction of 98 percent and show work?

Using the definition of a percent (i.e. parts out of 100): 98% = 98/100 = 49/50.

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