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It is: 5/6

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Q: Which fraction is in simplest form out of 56 68 810 212?
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How do you Write 810 in simplest form and then write another equivalent fraction for 810?

810 is an integer and so it is in its simplest form. An equivalent fraction is any number of the form (810*n)/n where n is a non-zero integer.

How do you Write 810 in simplest form and then then write another equivalent fraction for 810?

16/20 and then 4/5

What is 98 over 11 in simplest form?

98/11 is already a fraction in simplest form. As a mixed number it is 810/11

How do you write 810 as a fraction mixed number or whole number in simplest form?

8/10 = 4/5

What are two equivalent fraction for 810?

The equivalent ratio, in its simplest form, is 810/1. You can multiply the numerator and denominator of this ratio by any positive integer to give you an equivalent fraction. 17, for example, gives you 13770/17.

What is nine ninety's in simplest form?

9 x 90 = 810

How do you Write 810 in simplest form then write another equivalent fraction for 810?

Since you referred to 810 as a fraction, I'm assuming you mean 8/10.Since 8 and 10 are divisible by 2, the simplest form of 8/10 is 4/5.To find another equivalent fraction, multiply by a fraction equal to 1, such as 2/2. This will change the numbers, but the value of the fraction will be the same.8/10 = 0.88/10 x 2/2 = 16/20 = 0.88/10 x 3/3 = 24/30 = 0.88/10 x 6/6 = 48/60 = 0.8

What is an equilvalent fraction for 810?

There are an infinite number of them. The only one in lowest terms is 810/1 .

How do you write 810 percent as a fraction?


what is the equevelnt fraction for 8 10ths?

Equivalent fractionto 810

What are the two equivalent fractions for the fraction 36 over 81?

360/810, 3636/8181 are two.

What is 810.4 to the whole number?

810.4 is a fraction and there is no way to represent it as a whole number. The whole part of it is 810.

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