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-2/3 is not equivalent.

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Q: Which fractions is not equivalent to fraction 1 over 3?
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Is there equivalent fractions for 6 over 36?

The only equivalent fraction I can think of is a fraction in simplest form, which is 1/6.

What fraction is not equivalent to 36 over 72-?

Fractions that are not equivalent to 36 over 72 are 2 over 12, or 1 over 6, or 3 over 18

What fraction is equivalent to 8 over 40?

Two equivalent fractions to 8 over 40 are 1/5 and 2/10

What are three equivalent fractions for negative four over four?

Equivalent fractions are multiples of the reduced fraction. -4/4 reduces to -1, so equivalent fractions would be -1/1, -2/2, -3/3, etc.

What is 1 over 3 equivalent fraction?

7/21 or 9/27 are both equivalent fractions to 1/3.... there are many others !

Name two equivalent fractions for each fraction 5 by 15?

two equivalent fractions for 5 over 15 = 1/3, 10/30

What is the equvalent fraction for 5 over 5?

There are an infinite number of fractions that are all equivalent to 5/5.They are all the fractions that have the same number on top and bottom.They are all equivalent to ' 1 '.If you must have it in the form of a fraction, it's 1/1 .

Is the fraction 1-10 equivalent fractions?


What fractions are equivalent to 1 over 5?

2 over 10, 3 over 15 you have to times the top and bottom by the same number to get an equivalent fraction

What are two equivalent fractions for 0.20?

Two fractions equivalent to 0.20 are 2 over 10 and 20 over 100. Another fraction is 1 over 5 and there are so many more.

What fractions are equivalent to 0.25?

fraction equivalent of 0.25 = 1/4

Is 1 half an equivalent fraction?

It is equivalent to some fractions, not to others!