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-2/3 is not equivalent.

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Is there equivalent fractions for 6 over 36?

The only equivalent fraction I can think of is a fraction in simplest form, which is 1/6.

What fraction is equivalent to 8 over 40?

Two equivalent fractions to 8 over 40 are 1/5 and 2/10

What are three equivalent fractions for negative four over four?

Equivalent fractions are multiples of the reduced fraction. -4/4 reduces to -1, so equivalent fractions would be -1/1, -2/2, -3/3, etc.

What are two equivalent fractions for 0.20?

Two fractions equivalent to 0.20 are 2 over 10 and 20 over 100. Another fraction is 1 over 5 and there are so many more.

What is 1 over 3 equivalent fraction?

7/21 or 9/27 are both equivalent fractions to 1/3.... there are many others !

Name two equivalent fractions for each fraction 5 by 15?

two equivalent fractions for 5 over 15 = 1/3, 10/30

What is the equvalent fraction for 5 over 5?

There are an infinite number of fractions that are all equivalent to 5/5.They are all the fractions that have the same number on top and bottom.They are all equivalent to ' 1 '.If you must have it in the form of a fraction, it's 1/1 .

What fraction is not equivalent to 36 over 72-?

Fractions that are not equivalent to 36 over 72 are 2 over 12, or 1 over 6, or 3 over 18

Is the fraction 1-10 equivalent fractions?


What fractions are equivalent to 1 over 5?

2 over 10, 3 over 15 you have to times the top and bottom by the same number to get an equivalent fraction

What fractions are equivalent to 0.25?

fraction equivalent of 0.25 = 1/4

Is 1 half an equivalent fraction?

It is equivalent to some fractions, not to others!

What is 56 in a fraction?

It is 56/1 and equivalent fractions.

What is 900 in fraction?

It is 900/1 and equivalent fractions.

What is 414141 as a fraction?

It is 414141/1 and equivalent fractions.

What is 472 as a fraction?

It is 472/1 or equivalent fractions.

What is 75 into a fraction?

It is 75/1 and equivalent fractions.

What is 62 in a fraction?

It is 62/1 and equivalent fractions.

What is 9 as a fraction?

9 over 1, 18 over 2, 27 over 3, etc. are all fractions equivalent to 9.

What is the rule for fraction by fraction?

It is called equivalent fractions 1\2 1/4 1/8

What are the six kinds of fractions?

Well there are different kinds of fractions their are mixed numbers, regular fractions and improper fractionsThere are 5 kinds of fraction. Proper fraction, improper fraction, mixed number, unit fraction, and equivalent fractions. An example of a proper fraction is 3/4. An example of an improper fractions is 13/12. An example of a mixed number is 1 1/4. An example of a unit fraction is 1/3. An example of equivalent fractions is 4/8=1/2.I hope you like my answer... :)

How fractions are equivalent to 1?

1/1 : 2/2 : 55/55 are 3 examples of fractions equivalent to 1 (1 being the whole of the fraction).

What is the fraction of 41?

It is 41/1 and all its equivalent fractions.

What is an equivalent fraction for 12 over 25?

Fractions that are equivalent to 1/25 are 2/50, 3/75, 4/100, etc.

How many fractions are there between 1 over 4 and 1 over 2?

There is an infinite number of fractions for those numbers. However in simplest form it is 1/4 and 1/2 but you can multiply the numerator and denominator by any number to get an equivalent fraction. If you just need to list a certain number of these fractions you could multiply the top and the bottom times two to get an equivalent fraction and do it however many times you need fractions.