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any proper fraction ( numerator smaller than denominator) will do this

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Q: Which fractionwhen multiplied by 36 will result in a product that is less than 36?
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Which fraction when multiplied by 36 will result in a product that is less than 36?


What number is a whole number less than 10 is multiplied by 0.8 the product is then added to 14.4 and the result is 20?

The number is 7. 7 x 0.8 = 5.6. 5.6 +14.4 = 20.

Which 3 prime numbers less than 20 give the product of 165 when multiplied together?


When two fractions less than one are multiplied the product is sometimes greater than 1?

Certainly. -31/2 and -41/2 are both less than 1 and their product is 15.75

Why does 32.1 multiplied by 0.49 have a lesser value?

0.49 is less than 1, so you are finding less than the value of 32.1 when it is multiplied by it. 0.49 is less than a half, so the result is less than half of what 32.1 is: 32.1 x 0.49 = 15.73

What two numbers can be multiplied so the product is smaller then one of the factors?

One of the numbers must be less that 1

What is the greatest prime number That can be multiplied by two other prime numbers to get a product less than 100?


When is a product of a negative integer and positive integer less than both of its factors?

When its multiplied by anything greater than one

What number is that which being multiplied by 7 gives a product as much greater as the number itself is less than 20?


What is three numbers when which multiplied together in the product is 4 less than the number of years in 4 decades?

2,3 and 6

What is the ones digit in the product of all the prime numbers less than 2012?

The ones digit in the product from multiplying the 305 prime numbers less than 2012 is 0 because the ones digit becomes 0 after 2 and 5 have been multiplied and remains unchanged after more prime numbers are multiplied.

When multiplying proper fractions why is the product less than the both factors?

A proper fraction is less than 1. Any positive number multiplied by a positive number less 1 will be less than itself. In multiplying two proper fractions, each one is being multiplied by a number less than 1.