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Q: Which genre 's plot includes a problem that needs to be solved?
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What do you call a challenge the needs to be solved?

A problem.

What are the basic steps in solving scientific notation?

Scientific notation is not a problem that needs to be "solved".

What is another way to write the problem?

Avoid the negativity of the word problem with the word situation. As in: there is not a problem to be solved so much as there is a situation that needs to be dealt with.

What is the circumfrence of 6?

You did not specify "6" as a radius, diameter, or area, so the problem needs more information to be solved.

How do you convince a girl to stop starving herself?

Tell her she's too fat and needs to end herself. Problem solved.

Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close how can you solve this problem?

This problem can be easily solved by Svchost Fix Wizard - search for this program in internet. I have used it.

An example of a problem that needs to be solved?

write and solve an equation to find the value of x. 8x plus 35 and then 14x-7

What are problem and solution a synonym antonym or homophone?

A problem and a solution are not synonyms or antonyms, but rather concepts that are related. A problem is a challenge or difficulty that needs to be solved, while a solution is the resolution or answer to that problem. They are not homophones, as they do not sound alike.

What is the genre for Heat by Mike Lupica?

No but there needs to be.

Why does ozone depletion needs to be solved?

The ozone depletion needs to be solved. Othervise UV rays will come and destroy life on earth.

Can I get a grant and not go to school?

The very first step in finding a good grant has nothing to do with grants. You must take a close look at your district, your campus, or your classroom and find a problem that needs to be solved in order for students to achieve at a higher level. Of course, if you find a problem that your district has already allotted money to solve, you don'tt need to write a grant. You need to find a problem that needs to be solved and one that has either no funding or inadequate funding.

What is a problem that is solved by interpreting a quotient in division?

Tina needs 36 flowers for her next project. The flowers are sold in bunches of 5. How many bunches will she need?