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line graph

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Q: Which graph is best for analyzing quantitive independent and dependent variables?
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Independent and dependent are types of what?

Independent and dependent are types of variables. These variables are used mostly in science and math. When using independent variables you can control them dependent variables you cannot.

How do the independent and dependent variables in an experiment compare?

the independent variable controls the dependent variables

What is the differecnce between independent variables and dependent variables?

Every time the independent variables change, the dependent variables change.Dependent variables cannot change if the independent variables didn't change.

13 What is the relation between dependent and independent variables?

Independent variables are those that you change in an experiment. Dependent variables are the ones that you measure in an experiment. Dependent variables are influenced by the independent variables that you change, so they are dependent upon the independent variable. Generally, experiments should have only one independent variable.

Independent variables and dependent variables on a pendulum?

it is....

What are indepenent and dependent variables?

Dependent variable change and independent variables do not change.

What is the differences between independent and dependent variables?

One is dependent and one is independent

Which changes dependent or independent variables?

Independent changes; the dependent variable is what you will measure.

How do the test variables (independent variables) and outcome variables (dependent variables) in an experiment compare?

The test variable (independent variable) controls the outcome variable (dependent variable).

What are independent variables and dependent variables in math?

Independent variables are the input value of a function (usually x) and dependent variables are the output value of the function (usually y).

Independent and dependent are types of these?


Independent and dependent are types of this?