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None of the graphs that I can see!

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Q: Which graph shows the inequality x squared divided by 2 squared minus y squared divided by 2 squared greater than or equal to 1?
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What is x squared greater than or equal to 49?

This is called an inequality. If x squared is greater than or equal to 49, then x is plus or minus 7 or greater than plus 7 or less than - 7.

What inequality is greater than or equal to -5?

An inequality has no magnitude. A number can be greater than or equal to -5, but not an inequality.

Is xl7.6x7.0 an inequality?

No. To be an inequality, it must somewhere have a greater than, less than, greater-or-equal, or less-or-equal sign.

What does squared x greater than 7 equal?

It does not equal anything.The inequality implies that x < -sqrt(7) or x > sqrt(7) where sqrt represents the principal square root.

When will the graph of an equation inequality be a dotted line?

The line is dotted when the inequality is a strict inequality, ie it is either "less than" (&lt;) or "greater than" (&gt;). If there is an equality in the inequality, ie "less than or equal to" (&le;), "greater than or equal to" (&ge;) or "equal to" (=) then the line is drawn as a solid line.

What is the solution to the inequality x squared is not equal to 36?

x &notin; {-6, 6}

What are the critical features of an inequality?

An inequality must have a greater than sign (&gt;) OR a less than sign (&lt;) OR a greater than or equal to sign (&ge;) OR a less than or equal to sign (&le;).

What is alegbriac inequality?

It means that two expressions are not equal, as in a # b (Using "#" for inequality). A statement that includes "less than", "less than or equal", "greater than", or "greater than or equal", can also be considered an inequality, for example, | x | < 5

Is -5 a solution to this inequality x3?

"x3" is not an inequality. An inequality will have one of the following signs: less-than, less-than-or-equal, greater-than, greater-than-or-equal. for example: 3x - 5 &lt; 15

What is the inequality sign for at least?

The sign is "greater than or equal to" or &ge;

What is the answer to this inequality x is greater then or equal to -5?

X &gt;= -5

Find the graph of the inequality y plus 2 -x - 6?


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