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The answer is a yard

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Q: Which imperial measure is almost the same as one meter?
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What does kiloliter represent?

Kiloliter means 1000 liters - same as cubic meter. It is a measure of volume.Kiloliter means 1000 liters - same as cubic meter. It is a measure of volume.Kiloliter means 1000 liters - same as cubic meter. It is a measure of volume.Kiloliter means 1000 liters - same as cubic meter. It is a measure of volume.

Is a meterstick the same as a meter?

No. A meter is a unit of length, a meter stick is an actual device to measure it.

Is a foot almost the same as a meter?

Not really. There are three feet in a yard, and a yard is just a bit shorter than a meter. It is more correct to say that a yard is almost the same as a meter.

How do you compute cubic meter to square meter?

You cannot. Cubic meters measure volume and square meters measure area. They are not the same thing.

What is to meter as quart is to liter?

In the same manner that a quart is almost a liter, a yard is almost a metre

What imperial unit has approximately the same length as a meter?

I think it's 100cm and maybe 0.1km

How do you measure alternating current voltage and resistance?

You measure current by inserting an amp meter in series with the circuit or using a clamp-on meter to measure current by induction. You measure voltage with a volt meter across the supply. You measure resistance in ohms across the resistance. Luckily all these functions are in the same meter in most cases.

Is a meter the same as feet?

No. Meter is a metric unit of length whereas a foot ( plural feet ) is an imperial unit of length that was developed by the British. 1 meter is approximately 3.28 feet.

How do you measure using metric system?

Same as in the imperial system, you just use different units.

One liter is the same as?

1 litre is equal to 1.75975 imperial pint

Is a liter the same as a gallon?

No, a liter is much smaller than a gallon.

Is feet the same as metres?

No,both has different values.One feet equals to 0.3048m.

Is 1 meter equal to 10 liter?

Meter is a measure of length and litre is a measure of volume. You question is the same as asking "Is one foot of walking equal 10 cups of milk?"

Is 1 m the same as 1000 cm3?

No. 1 meter is a measure of distance. cm3 is a measure of volume. If you are asking if 1 cubic meter is the same 1000 cubic centimeters, the answer is still no. 1 cubic meter is the same is 1 000 000 cubic centimeters. 1000 cubic centimeters would be 1 cubic decimeter.

What is used to record volcanoes?

a meter what is the same thing as used to measure the force of peoples breath

What measuring instrument is used to measure potential difference?

A volt meter. Potential difference is the same as voltage.

Which measure the same of 12 meter or 120 centimeters?

No, 12 meters is not the same as 120 centimeters. There are 100 centimeters per meter, so it would take 1200 centimeters to equal 12 meters.

What means almost the same as yard?

A lawn, garden or terrace. If you are referring to the unit of distance, then a meter is similar to a yard.

How do you measure energy?

Electrical energy is measured with a watt meter. This is the same meter that you will find on the side of your home that the utility company uses to monitor the use of the energy you use.

Can you measure the diameter of a round marble by using meter rule with the same accuracy as that of vernier callipers?

If you have calibrated eyeballs

What unit do you use to measure the perimeter?

The perimeter uses same unit as length. It is measured in meter , centimeter etc.

How big is 3 meters?

3 times longer than 1 meter. 1 meter is almost the same length of a Yard stick. 1 meter = ~37.5 inches 1 Yard = 36 inches

How many cubic meter are in a ton?

Cubic meters measure volume, tons measure either mass or weight (depending on whether you mean metric tons or US tons). You can't convert between the two without specifying a material. One cubic meter of water has a mass of just about one metric ton (which weighs almost the same as a US long ton).

What happens when you connect an ammeter in series?

it gets a bigger chance of giving wrong result. ANSWER Absolutely not in series the meter will read the same no matter where it located in the series circuit. the same meter cannot be placed in parallel to measure.

What are liters milliliters and cubic centimeters used to measure?

Those are used to measure volume. The official unit of volume in the SI is the cubic meter, but since it is somewhat large for some purposes, smaller units are used, like the cubic decimeter (same as the liter, or 1/1000 cubic meter), and the milliliter (same as a cubic centimeter, or 1/1,000,000 of a cubic meter).