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Expressed as a top-heavy fraction in its simplest form, 4 5/7 is equal to 33/7 or thirty-three sevenths.

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Q: Which improper fraction is equivalent to the mixed number four and five sevenths?
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How do you turn two hundred sevenths into a mixed number?

You have to turn it into a improper fraction

Which improper fraction is equivalent to the mixed number 5 34?

An improper fraction equivalent to the mixed number 53/4 is 23/4

What is equivalent to an improper fraction?

A mixed number.

What is three sevenths plus five sevenths?

The answer is 8/7 [improper fraction]. As a mixed number: 1 1/7 {1 and 1/7}

How do you convert a improper fraction to whole number?

An improper fraction cannot be converted to a whole number, since the two are not equivalent.

Can a mixed number have the same value as an improper fraction?

Yes, it can. In fact every mixed number has an equivalent improper fraction.

How do you Write the mixed number as an improper fraction?

The mixed number ab/c is equivalent to the improper fraction (a*c+b)/c

What is the improper fraction with the denominator of 6 that is equivalent to5 and 12?

There is no equivalent improper fraction with a denominator of 6 - nor any other number.

How do you write a whole number 7 as improper fraction?

49/7 is the equivalent fraction.

What number is equivalent yo 29?

As an improper fraction it is equivalent to 29/1As a decimal it is equivalent to 29.0

How do you add a mixed number and an improper fraction?

I wouldconvert both to improper fraction,find a common multiple (CM),calculate equivalent fraction with CM as the denominator,add the numerators,change the improper fraction to a mixed fraction, if required,simplify the fractional part of the mixed fraction - if appropriate and required.

Which fraction is equivalet to three sevenths?

To get an equivalent fraction, multiply both the numerator and the denominator by any number except zero. Use the same number for both.

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