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The North Pole and the South Pole are far away from the equator.

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The poles (North Pole and South Pole) are the farthest points from the equator on Earth.

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Q: Which is The place that is far away from the equator?
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Why is Canada cold place to live?

it is far away from the equator

How far away is Thailand Bangkok from the Equator?

Eight degrees north. This is because degrees (longitude) show how far a place is from the equator.

How far away is gabon from the equator?

Gabon actually sits on the equator.

Does England have cold weather because it is far away from the equator?

Yes because we are far away from the equator we get worse weather the further you are from the equator the colder it gets and the closer you are the hotter it gets

How far away is the Gambia from the equator?

It's 13 degrees North of the Equator.

How far away is oslo to the equator?

Oslo is about 4 040 kilometers away from equator.

What is measure how far the equator a place is?

Its latitude.

Is Rome hot because of the equator?

Rome is not located near the equator. It is not particularly hot due to its distance from the equator. Rome's climate is influenced more by its Mediterranean location, resulting in hot summers and mild winters.

Is tenerife near the equator?

it is 1,932 miles away from the equator but is too far North to be near it.

How does latitude effect climate?

Latitude affects climate by determining the angle at which sunlight strikes the Earth's surface. Areas closer to the equator receive more direct sunlight and therefore tend to be warmer, while areas closer to the poles receive sunlight at a more oblique angle, leading to cooler temperatures. This variation in sunlight intensity is a key factor in shaping global climate patterns.

Why is the north pole cold?

because its so far away from the equator

Is Nepal close or far away from the equator?

28 degrees north of it.