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A decametre is bigger - there are 100 decimetres in one decametre.

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Q: Which is bigger a decimeter or a decameter?
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Does dm stand for decameter or decimeter?

Decimeter. I believe decameter would be Dm.

Which unit is larger decimeter or decameter?


A decameter is 10 times the size of a decimeter?

Nope, a decameter is about 100x a decimeter (because the meter is in the middle)

A decameter is how much bigger than the size of a decimeter?

dekameter = 10 meters, decimeter = one-tenth of a meter, so they differ by a factor of 100.

How many diameters are there in 1 cm?

There are no DIAmeters in 1 cm. Diameter is the measurement across a circle. You may mean decimeter or dekameter (also spelled decameter). There are 0.1 decimeters in one centimeter. (a decimeter is 10 times bigger than a centimeter. That means 10 cm = 1 decimeter) There are 0.001 decameters in one centimeter. (a decameter is 1000 times bigger than a centimeter. So 1000 cm = 1 decameter.)

How many decimeter in a decameter?

100 decimeters

Abbreviation for decameter?

Decameter or decimeter, is a term used to refer to 10 meters in length. The abbreviation for it is dm.

How do you convert decimeter to decameter?

Multiply by 100. 10 decimeters = 1 meters = 1/10 decameter

How many decameters are in 1 decimeter?

a decimeter is 1/1000th of a decameters. A Decameter is 100 meters, a decimeter is 1/10th of a meter

Which is bigger a meter or decameter?

A decameter. It's ten meters, so is ten times bigger.

What are the metric lengths?

Kilometer, Hectometer, Decameter, meter, decimeter, centimeter, milimeter

Is a centimeter bigger then a decimeter?

No, a decimeter is bigger than a centimeter!