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Dollar coins are larger in size and amount.

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Q: Which is bigger a ten cent coin or a one dollar coin?
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Related questions

Is a ten cent coin bigger then a one Dollar coin?

a ten cent piece is smaller.

Who is on the one dollar cent?

No such coin exist.

Why was the fifty cent coin introduced into Australia?

The 50 cent coin was a necessary denomination between a 20 cent coin and One Dollar. Apart from it being half of a Dollar, it avoided the need to have a pocket full of 20 cent coins.

What is the money that represents one cent?

a one cent coin, which is worth one hundredth of one dollar

Is an Australian 10 cent coin smaller than an Australian One Dollar coin?

Yes, the 10 cent coin is slightly smaller. An Australian 10 cent coin has a diameter of 23.6 mm. An Australian 1 Dollar coin has a diameter of 25 mm.

Is the Australian 10 cent coin smaller in size than a 1 Dollar coin?

Yes. The Australian 10 cent coin is 23.6mm in diameter. The Australian One Dollar coin is 25mm in diameter.

What coin is Abraham Lincoln on?

Lincoln has been on the one cent coin since 1909. Also on the 2010 dollar coin.

Why is the dollar coin smaller than the fifty cent coin?

I think it is because in the old days the gold one, two and a half & five dollar coins were smaller because they were gold. Also, it simply costs more to make bigger coins.

What is the value of a 2004 one cent bahama coin?

One cent. The Bahamian dollar is tied to the U.S. dollar so the two always have the same value.

How much is a silver 50 cent dollar worth?

Please post a new question with the coin's date and exact denomination. "50 cent dollar" isn't a possible value because a dollar is 100 cents; you have either a half dollar or a one dollar coin but they're not the same.

What is the value of a 1943 Malay 1 cent?

The value of a 1943 Malay one cent coin will change often. Currently, the coin is valued between 30 cents and one dollar.

One dollar represents one whole which coin represent one tenth?

The dime, or ten-cent piece, represents one-tenth of one dollar.

How many quarters make one cent?

The cent or penny is the smallest unit of the US currency. The quarter (quarter dollar) is 25 of these cents. The unit is a coin and is made of a copper alloy. All units of the coins are as follows: # Cent. 1/100 of a dollar. The base coin of the US currency. # Nickel. 5/100 of a dollar. # Dime. 10/100 of a dollar. # Quarter. 25/100 of a dollar. # Half Dollar. 50/100 of a dollar. # Silver Dollar. 100/100 of a dollar. This is a coin as alternate to one dollar bill. These are the coins of the US currency.

Use cent in a sentence?

A cent is a coin that is 1/100 of a dollar. Here are some sentences.I don't have a cent in my pocket at the moment.People call a penny a cent.One cent is worth one one-hundredth of a dollar.

How much is a Trinidad and tobacco 1 cent coin worth?

Trinidad and Tobago use the Trinidadian dollar as a currency. A one cent coin from Trinidad is worth 0.00158 in American money.

What is another name for the coin you call a penny that is worth one-hundredth of a dollar?

It is called a cent,

Bank of Canada 2 dollar bill?

Current Canadian monetary denominations include:1 cent coin (penny, front is maple leaf)5 cent coin (nickel, front is beaver)10 cent coin (dime, front is sailboat)25 cent coin (correctly 25 cent piece, but is referred to as a quarter, front is moose)50 cent coin (50 cent piece, rare)1 dollar coin (loonie, front it loon)2 dollar coin (toonie, front it polar bear)5 dollar bill10 dollar bill20 dollar bill50 dollar bill100 dollar billand a two dollar bill one is from 1892 is that cool or what?

what makes 75 cents in cents?

75/5 = 15 So 15, 5 cent coins make up 75 cents. 75/10 = 7 and then another 5 cent coin So 7, 10 cent coins and one 5 cent coin makes up 75 cents. 75/20 = 3 and then another 10 cent coin and a 5 cent coin So 3, 20 cent coins, one 10 coin and one 5 cent coin. 75/50 = 1 and then another 20 cent coin and a 5 cent coin. So 1, 50 cent coin, one 20 cent coin and one 5 cent coin. There the Answer, By Answerly

What is a 1971 1 Canadian coin worth?

A 1971, 1 cent coin is worth 1 cent up to couple dollars in mint state condition. A 1971, 1 dollar coin is worth between one dollar, and a couple dollars. I have no idea what coin you are asking about because you didn't clarify.

How much is a 1966 25 cent Trinidad and tobacco coin worth?

Less than one dollar

How many five cent coins are equal in value to a one dollar coin?

20 = 100 / 5

What is the value of a george v 1936 one cent coin good condition?

One dollar. Thanks for adding the condition! :)

What is a 2 Pfennig coin and is a 1950 worth anything?

One pfennig was to the German mark the way one cent is to the dollar. It's a common coin, worth maybe 10 cents.

What is Elizabeth II one cent coin value?

a cent coin.

Where is mint mark on 1895 fifty cent coin?

If the coin has one it's on the reverse, below the tail feathers just above the D in DOLLAR.