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an inch and five sixteenths

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Q: Which is bigger an inch an a quarter or an inch an five sixteen?
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Is 0.38 inches close to a quarter inch?

It is closer to a half inch then a quarter inch. It is bigger than one third of an inch.

Which is bigger 5 centimeters or 1 inch?

Five centimeters is bigger because one inch equals 2.54cm

What are some tools that begin with the letter Q?

Quarter inch Ratchet, Quarter inch wrench, Quarter inch socketQuarter inch socket and quarter inch wrench are tools.

How much is a quarter inch?

A quarter of an inch is equal to one fourth of an inch. There are .635 centimeters in a quarter of an inch.

What is a quarter inch of a nail?

a quarter inch

How do you write a quarter of a inch?

You can put it as .25" or 0.25", or you can even just put .25 inches. You can say it as "Decimal- two-five inches" or "Quarter inch"

How many centimeters are there in five and a quarter inches?

There are 2.54 centimetres in one inch. Therefore, five and a quarter inches is equal to 2.54 x 5.25 = 13.335 centimetres.

How many times bigger is a 10 inch pipe than a 8 inch pipe?

Every time! lol Seriously a 10-inch pipe is 5/4 of an 8-inch pipe

What is the length and width of a human heart?

Heart Your heart is quarter of an inch less than five inches long. Your heart is quarter of an inch less than four inches broad.

Is a centimeter bigger than an inch?

An inch measures the same as two point five four centimeters which means that the inch is the longer.

How many inches is forty five feet on a quarter inch scale?

135 inches

How many quarter i nches in a inch?

There are four quarter inches in a inch. To get the quarter of anything, you are required to divide it by four equal parts. A quarter of an inch equal to one fourth of an inch.

What is a Stevens sixteen gauge 311 with nineteen and a quarter inch barrels worth?

Barrels have been cut down. 100-175 USD

How much is quarter of inch?

A quarter of an inch = 0.635 cm

How do you write quarter inch in decimals?

For a quarter inch, it .25''

What numbers are in a quarter inch?

A quarter inch can, in principle, be divided into ANY number of parts. So any number can be in a quarter inch.

Is 0.625 inch equal to a quarter of an inch?

No, it is equal to 5/8 of a inch. 0.25 is equal to a quarter of an inch

Where is a fourth of an inch on a ruler?

a fourth is a quarter so a quarter or an inch

Losing weight make your penis bigger?

suppose to be every 30 pounds you gain one quarter inch

Which is more 3 mm or one quarter inch?

one quarter inch

Is 0.4724409449 inches a quarter of an inch?

No because a quarter of an inch as a decimal is 0.25

What comes in between a quarter inch and three eigths of an inch?

five sixteenths (1/4 = 4/16 and 3/8 = 6/16)

How many five and three quarter inch boards does it take to equal 96 inches?

16 to 17

Whats a quarter of a inch?

One fourth of 1 inch. Look at a ruler and divide a half inch in half-that's a quarter inch.

Is cm bigger than inch?

No. The inch is bigger. 1 inch = 2.54 cm.