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Q: Which is bigger meter millimeter and centimeter?
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What are in the correct order from smallest to largest a Millimeter meter centimeter kilometer Millimeter centimeter meter kilometer Centimeter millimeter meter kilo?

Millimeter centimeter meter kilometer is the right order

What is centimeter kilometer meter and millimeter from greatest to least?

They are: kilometer, meter, centimeter and millimeter

Which is larger a centimeter or a millimeter?

centimeteres A centimeter is longer than a millimeter. A centimeter is ten times as long as a millimeter. One centimeter is 1/100 of a meter. A millimeter is 1/1000 of a meter.A centimeter is larger. A centimeter is 1/100 of a meter whereas a millimeter is 1/1000 of a meter.

Is 600 centimeter's bigger than 600 millimeters?

A millimeter is a thousandth of a meter A centimeter is a hundredth of a meter Given this information the answer becomes self evident.

What is the correct order from smallest to largest for millimeter centimeter kilometer and meter?

Millimeter, centimeter, meter, kilometer.

Is centimeter kilometer millimeter or meter the smallest?


What is bigger then a millimeter?

A centimeter

How do the units meter centimeter and millimeter differ from each other?

there are 100 centimeters in a meter and ten millimeters in a centimeter. So, a meter is the biggest, a centimeter is smaller, and a millimeter is the smallest.

Is 1 meter or 100 millimeters bigger?

Bigger. It takes 10 millimeters to equal 1 centimeter and 100 centimeters to equal 1 meter

Which is bigger 1 centimeter or milimiter?

A meter is just over a yard. 100 centimeters make 1 meter. 1000 millimeters make 1 meter, so a millimeter is smaller than a centimeter. A centimeter is 10 millimeters.

Is meter bigger or millimeter?

A meter is 1,000 times bigger than a millimeter.

How big is a meter centimeter and millimeter?

1 meter = 100 centimeters = 1000 millimiter1 centimeter = 10 millimeterfrom greatest to least:1 meter , 1 centimeter, 1 millimeter