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One quarter is 1/4 = 4/16 and three sixteenths is 3/16, so one quarter is greater than three sixteenths

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Q: Which is bigger one quarter of three sixteenths?
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Which is bigger three sixteenths or one fourth?

one fourth is bigger, and it is bigger by one sixteenth.

How many sixteenths are in one three quarter inch?


What is longer - a quarter mile or three sixteents of a mile?

One quarter is greater than three sixteenths, therefore, a quarter mile is greater than 3/16 miles.

What is the lowest form of 4 sixteenths?

One quarter

What is 4 sixteenths as a whole number?

Four sixteenths is one quarter, or one over four. That is what it simplifies to. It is not a whole number.

How many sixteenth notes equal one dotted quarter note?

Two sixteenths in an eighth. Two eights in a quarter. The dot equals one sixteenth. So that's five sixteenths in a dotted quarter.

Five sixteenths -one eighth equals?

Three sixteenths

What is the answer of seven-sixteenths minus one-fourth?

three sixteenths

What fraction is bigger one quarter or three eight?

one quarter = two eighths therefore, three eighths is larger than one quarter

How much is one half of three eighths?

Three eighths is the same as six sixteenths - half of six sixteenths is three sixteenths

What fraction is bigger than one quarter?

Three quarters.

Is one quarter bigger than three sixteens?

Yes. A quarter is 4/16

What is bigger one half or seven sixteenths?

One half one half would be equal to 8 sixteenths, and 7 is less than eight, thusly

What is one half times three eights?

It is three sixteenths.

Is three sixteenths larger than one half?


Is one fourth greater or less than three fourth?

One fourth is a quarter and three fourths is three quarters so tehrefore three fourths is bigger.

Which is bigger one quarter or one third?

One third is bigger.

Which is bigger one quarter or one?


What is seven and one sixth minus three sixteenths?


What is seven sixteenths minus three eights?

one sixteenth

What is thirteen sixteenths subtracted by three fourths?

one sixteenth

Is three-twelfths bigger than three ninths?

Three-twelfths is equal to one quarter. Three-ninths is equal to one third. One third of anything is a greater quantity than one quarter of anything, therefore, "Three-ninths" is the larger of the two.

What is bigger one half of an inch or five sixteenth of an inch?

1/2 = 8 sixteenths. That's more than 5 sixteenths. Of anything.

What fraction is equivalent to four sixteenth?

The fraction four sixteenths is equal to 1/4, or one quarter.

Is 3 quarters bigger than an half?

three quarters it one quarter or a fourth larger than one half