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6/9 ths

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Q: Which is bigger the fraction four sevenths or six ninths?
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Related questions

What is an equivalent fraction for two ninths?

Equivalent fractions for two ninths are, four eighteenths or six twenty sevenths. Hope I helped.

What is eight ninths subtract four sevenths as a fraction?

8/9 - 4/7 = 4/2 which is a improper fraction.

Which is greater three sevenths or four ninths?

Good question, I had to think on that a bit. Four ninths is greater than three sevenths.

Is four sevenths less than sixth ninths?

Four- Sevenths (4/7) is about 0.57 and six- ninths (6/9) is about 0.67, so yes it is less by a small amount.

Which is bigger the fraction four sevenths or three fifths?

3/5 is greater.

What is four ninths multiplied by two thirds?

Four ninths multiplied by two thirds is = to eight twenty sevenths

Is three ninths bigger than four ninths?


Is four fifths bigger than four sevenths?

Yes, fifths arer bigger chunks than sevenths.

What is three and four sevenths in an improper fraction?

Three and four sevenths in an improper fraction is 17857/5000

What is two and four sevenths as an improper fraction?

Two and four sevenths as an improper fraction = 12857/5000

What fraction is the largest four sevenths or four fifths?

Four fifths is the larger fraction.

What is four ninths plus twenty twenty-sevenths in simplest?


What is bigger five sevenths or four sixth?

five sevenths obviously.

what is the difference between six ninths and four ninths?

One is bigger than the other,

Is four ninths bigger than one third?


What is eight minus two sevenths as a simple fraction?

fifty four sevenths

What is three sevenths plus four ninths?

55 over 63. Use a calculator.

What is four sevenths divided by eight ninths?

4/7 ÷ 8/9 = 9/14

Is three sevenths or four ninths larger?

4/9 is greater than 3/7

What is the answer for putting 3 and four sevenths to an improper fraction?

25/7 (twenty-five sevenths).

What fraction in simplest form is four-ninths of its reciprocal?

The fraction is 2/3.

What is a fraction equivalent to four ninths?


Is four sevenths bigger than five sixths?


What is four ninths and four sevenths added together?

28/63 + 36/63 = 64/63 = 1 and 1/63

What fraction is equivalent to four fourteenth?

two sevenths is equivalent to four fourteenths