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One fourth (.25) is closer to zero than one half (.5).

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Q: Which is closer to 0 one fourth or 0.5?
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Is one fourth closer to the benchmark fraction 0 or the benchmark fraction one half?

1/4 is exactly half way between 0 and 1/2.

Is one ninth closer to 0 half or whole?

my answer is it closer to 0

Is 5 over 9 closer to 0 one half or one?

It is closer to one half.

How much is 0 in one fourth?

It is 0.

What is 0.0115 is closer to 1 0 or one half?

closer to zero

Is 2/5 closer to 1 or 0?

2/5 is closer to 0.

Is 2-6 as a fraction closer to 0 or one half?

It is closer to a half.

Is five eiths closer to one half 0 or one?

5/8 is closer to 1/2

What is one-fourth of 0?


What is 0.08 closer to 0 or 8?

0.08 is closer to 0 becasue rounded to one decimal place it becomes 0.1 therfore being closer to 0As 0.08 is a quantity of something it must be closer to 8 than it is to absolutely nothing

Is one-half closer to 1 or 0?

1/2 is the same distance from 1 as from 0. It is not closer to either 1 or 0.

What is one fourth of 0?

there is nothing at that level

Does one third round to 0 or to one half?

It's closer to one half.

Is 0.05 less than 0.35?

Yes. Just think of it like this .30 + .05 and .05 + 0 Which one will get a bigger result.

Is 0.37 closer to 0 or 1?

0.37 is closer to 0.

Which number is closer to 0 0.08 or 0.03?

.03 is closer to 0.

Is 10 over 9 closer to 1one half or 0?


Is 0.0999 closest to 0?

It's closer to zero than it is to one.

Is 4/9 closer to 1/2 or 0?


Is 12 closer to 0 o 25?

Itโ€™s closer to 0

Is 3 over 8 closer to 0 closer to 1 and a half or 1?

3/8 is closer to a half. 3/8 is one away from a half therefore 3/8 is closer to 1/2

Is 0.07 closer to 0 or 0.5?

it is closer to 0 since it is only 0.07 from 0 while it is 0.43 from 0.5

Is four eights closer to 0 or 1?

Is four eight closer to 0 or 1

What is 0 3 and a slope of negative one-fourth look like in slope intercept form?

Assuming that one fourth is your way of spelling one fourth, the equation is: y = 0.25x + 3 or 4y = x + 12

How do you round 3.9 to the nearest 10s?

Ask, is 3.9 closer to 0 (the lower multiple of ten) or closer to 10 (the higher multiple of ten)? As it's closer to 0, your answer is 0.