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60 degrees Fahrenheit

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Q: Which is cooler 26 degrees Celsius or 60 degrees Fahrenheit?
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95 degrees Celsius is what in Fahrenheit?

Start by taking the number in Fahrenheit and subtracting 32. Then divide the number by 9, and then multiply it by 5. This is how you convert Fahrenheit to Celsius or use the equation C = (F - 32) × 5/9In this case, the answer is about 35 degrees Celsius. 95 degree Fahrenheit = 35 degree Celsius

How is Portugal's weather in September?

The daily mean temperature in September in Lisbon, Portugal is 71 degrees Fahrenheit [21.8 degrees Celsius]. The average high temperature is 79 degrees Fahrenheit [26.2 degrees Celsius]. The average low temperature is 63 degrees Fahrenheit [17.3 degrees Celsius]. The average daily precipitation is 1.12 inches [28.5 millimeters].

What is the average temperature of Madagascar in the summer?

what is the temperature in madagascar? The same temperature that the dinosaurs lived in rawr

What is the average high temperature in the summer in New York?

Summers in New York City are typically very warm & humid with average high temperatures of 79 to 84°F (26 to 29°C) and lows of 63 to 69°F (17 to 21°C). But it is not uncommon for New York City to have heat waves where the temperatures soar well into the 90s F (32.2+), and occasionally even into the 100s F (37.7+ C).

What are the hottest months in Melbourne and what temperatures are these?

Traditionally, January and February are the hottest months in Melbourne. Whilst the average maximum for these months is 26 degrees Celsius, in reality each month has many days which can exceed 40 degrees Celsius.