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At your discretion.

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Q: Which is correct at your discretion or in your discretion?
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Which is correct 'At your discretion' or 'In your discretion'?

At your discretion.

Which is correct it is her discretion or it is at her discretion?

its to her discretion

Is it correct to structure I leave it to your discretion on whether there is a need to .?

we leave it in your discretion to

Is the phrase 'at the discretion of' correct?

The phrase 'at the discretion of' is grammatically correct. It means that a particular person has the authority to make a decision.

Which is correct to the discretion of or on the discretion of?

Neither is correct. With "the discretion of... " you want to use "at." Here are several ways to use this expression. (1) You may bring your notebook computer and use it at your own discretion. (2) We can participation in the dance class at the discretion of the professor.

How do you spell descretion?

The correct spelling is from discreet, spelled discretion (privacy, secrecy).

How do you spell discression?

The correct spelling is discretion.

How much discretion should bureaucratic unit have to correct injustice in laws?


How much discretion should a bureaucratic unit have to correct injustice in laws?


Sentences for discretion?

The discretion setting is one of the new features in smartphones. This is an example sentence using discretion.

Which of these is the correct description of discretion?

the authority given by law to act in certain conditions or situations in accordance with an official's own considered judgment and

What is adjective of discretion?

The adjective form of the word "discretion" is "discreet."

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