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Two thousand

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Q: Which is correct two thousand or two thousands?
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What is the correct usage - five thousand or five thousands?

five thousand

Which is correct two thousand or two-thousand?

Two thousand

Which one is correct in American English A. Two thousand and four hundred twenty B. Two thousands four hundreds and twenty C. Two thousand four hundred twenty?

two thousand four hundred and twenty

Thousands fouls is correct in grammar?

no it should be a thousand fouls.

What rhymes with two thousands?

two thousand and sixteen

How do you write 20000000 in thousands?

20000000 two hundred million or Two hundred thousand thousand

What is correct 2 thousand or two thousands?

In terms of the number, you would use two thousand or 2000. It is generally unnecessary to mix numeric and verbal forms of the number until higher magnitudes are necessitated.

Is three thousand dollars or three thousands dollars is correct?

The first one.

What is the correct pronunciation of 2008?

Two thousand eight, or two thousand and eight.

How much is two hundred thousand thousands?


How many ten thousands are in 20 thousand?


20 hundreds in thousands?

Two thousand = 2,000

What is the correct way to write the year on an invitation two thousand twelve or two thousand twelfth?

Two thousand and twelve

What is the correct way to write the year on an invitation two thousand seven or two thousand and seven?

two thousand and seven

How do you write two million one hundred and two thousand four hundred and eighteen in thousands?

2102.418 thousand

What is 3.2 billion written in thousands?

Three million, two hundred thousand thousands

Which is correct Two thousand eleven or Two thousand and eleven?

Two thousand eleven. Reserve "and" for numbers that include decimals or fractions.

How many thousands are in a thousand?

1 thousands are in a thousand.

How many thousands are in two-hundred-thousand?

200 million

How many thousands equal 2000 ones?

Two thousand

Plural of thousand?

The plural of thousand is thousands. e.g. There are thousands of locusts in that field. When used to denote a particular number, it remains as just 'thousand', e.g. Six thousand two hundred and eight.

What is the correct way to spell the year 2009?

Two thousand and nine OR Two thousand nine

How do you rename 24 ten thousands?

240,000 so two hundred and forty thousand.

What do you call a thousand thousands?

A thousand thousands is called a "Million".

How do you write 302038 in words?

The correct format is: three hundred two thousand, thirty-eight. (you do not use the word 'and').

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What is correct 2 thousand or two thousands?

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