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One-Third = 1/3 or .333

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Q: Which is equivelent to one third?
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What is one third equivelent to?

0.75 is three-fourths, not one third. One third is 0.333333....

What fraction is equivelent to one third?

1/3 = 2/6

What is an equivelent fraction of 3 twelves?

One fourth

What is 1 third as an equivelent fraction?

It is a fraction of the form k/(3*k) where k is any non-zero integer.

What is the equivelent of one quart in milliliter?

One US quart equates to about 946.074 mL.

What is equivelent to the same as one half?

Two quarters, 0.5, 50%

What is equivelent to one twelve?

0.08333 (recurring) or two twenty-fourths or three thirty-sixths

How many gigabytes are in 918 MB on USB?

Almost one. A gigabyte is equivelent to 1,000 megabytes.

What is equivelent to the fraction 2 7?

20/70 is one of infinitely many possible answers.

What is equivelent to 1?


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