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The number 0.65 is greater than the number 0.3

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Q: Which is greater 0.3 or 0.65?
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Which is greater 065 or 0006?

0.065. Is greater than 0.0006

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Is .05 greater than .03?

.05 is greater than .03. .05 is 5 hundreths, and .03 is three hundredths.

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Is 3 or 09 greater?

09. 3=03 and so 03 is less than 09

What is greater in number 0.3 0.03?


Which is greater .03 percent or .02 percent?

0.03 percent is greater than 0.02 percent.

Is .03 greater or less than .015?

Greater. The second number after decimal is greater so number is greater.

Which is greater 03 or 034?

0.34 is greater as 0.3 means 0.30 and 30 is smaller than 34

Which is greater 3 or 03?

They both have the same value

Is 5.87 greater than 5.9?

No it is .03 less.

Which one is greater 0.03 or 0.003?

0.03 because there is less zeros past the decimal point

Which is greater 0.02 or 0.03?

0.03 is greater.

What is 065?

065 is just another way to write 65 but in 3 digits. if a 0 is in front of a number it means nothing. If it is behind a number, it becomes larger such as 650. ________________________ Answer to your Question: 065 = 65

Is 3 greater than 03?

no, they mean the same thing

How many ounces is .065 gallons?

.065 US gallons = 8.32 US fluid ounces

Is .03 greater than .029?

Yes it is.

Which is greater 12.30 or 12.03?

12.30 is greater since 30 > 03 (which is really just 3)

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Is 07 greater than less than or equal to 03?

0.7 is greater than 0.30.7 > 0.3

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