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4/6 is greater than 2/6

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Q: Which is greater 2 sixths or 4 sixths?
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Which is greater 2 thirds or 4 sixths?

They are equal.

What is greater 2 thirds or 5 sixths?

5 sixths

What fraction is greater one third or four sixth?

Four-sixths (4/3) reduced is the same as two-thirds (2/3) so four-sixths is greater!

Is four ninths greater or lesser than two sixths?

Four ninths is greater than two sixths, bear with me while I say why:One ninth is about 11.11%, and one sixths is about 16.66%. Got that?11.11% (1/9) times 4 = 44.4%, which is four ninths.16.66% (1/6) times 2 = 33.3%, which is 2 sixths.44.4% is greater than 33.3%.Therefore four ninths is greater than two sixths.

Is two thirds greater than two sixths?

2/3 = (2 x 2)/(3 x 2) = 4/6 4/6 is greater than 1/6, so yes.

Is four sixths greater than three sixths?

yes. four sixths i2 greater than three sixths

What has a greater numerator two sixths or five sixths?

Five sixths, as five is greater than two.

What is a fraction greater than one sixth?

2 sixths

What is larger four sixths or one half?

Four sixths is bigger than one half. Three sixths make one half.

What is greater seven fourths or nine sixths?

7/4 equals 1 3/4 9/6 equals 1 3/6 or 1 1/2 So, 7/4 is greater

Which fraction is greater two thirds or two sixths?

2 thirds

What is 4 sixths - 2 ninths?