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2 kg

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Q: Which is greater 2kg or 1500?
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What is greater 2kg or 1500 g?

2 kg is bigger

Which one is greater 1500 or 2 kg?

2kg (2,000 g) is larger than 1,500g.

Which is greater or less 2kg or 1500g?

2kg is more. 2kg = 2000g

Is 2kg greater than or less than 1500g?

2kg is greater than 1500g 1000g=1kg, so 2000g=2kg 2000g>1500g

What fraction of 2kg is 500g?

500g is a 1/4 of 2kg

Is 20 grams less than or greater than 2 kg?

20 grams is less than 2kg. 2kg is 2000 grams.

Is 1500 greater than or less than 1.5L?

1500 Litres is considerably greater than 1.5L.

What is greater 1500 L or 1.5 L?

1500 L is far greater than 1.5 L.

What is greater 2 kilograms or 1500 grams?

2 kg is greater than 1500 g.1500 g = 1.5 kg < 2 kg

Which is greater 1500 pounds or 2 tons?

2 tons (1 ton= 2000 pounds) is greater than 1500 pounds.

Is 1500 ml greater than 105 l?

No. 150 L is greater than 1500 mL150 L = 105 000 mL > 1500 mL

Which has greater density 1kg of iron or 2kg of iron?

The density of a substance remains the same no matter how much of it you have.

Is 1500 greater than L?

No, it is not.

How many gramms in 2kg?

2kg = 2000g

Which is greater 1500 mL or 1.5L?

They are the same.

Which is greater 1.5ml or 1500ml?

1500 ml

Is 1500 ml greater that 1.5 L?


How much is pewter worth?

$97 ndz for 2kg $97 ndz for 2kg $97 ndz for 2kg

How many 2kg in 50kg?

50kg / 2kg = 25 timesAnswer: There are 25 times 2kg in 50 kg.

Is 2kg more than 20000g?

No. 2kg=2000g

How much is 2kg in lb?

2kg is 4.41 lbs

How much is 2kg in lbs?

2kg is 4.41 pounds.

Which is greater 1,500 centigrams or 1.5 grams?

Or equal.

Which is the greater 1500 milliliter or 1.500 milliliter?


What is greater 1500 mg or 1.5 g?