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56 inches is 1 inch greater

12 + 12 + 12 + 12 + 7 = 48 + 7 = 55

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Q: Which is greater 4ft 7in or 56 in?
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Is 4ft 7in greater than 56 inches?

No. As there are 12 inches in a foot, 4ft 7in is 55 inches, so it is 1 less than 56 inches.

Is 4ft 7in bigger than 56?

If you mean 56 inches then it is bigger than 4ft 7in by 1 inch

4ft. 7in. and 56in. which is greater or less than?

4 ft. 7 is 55 inches, one inch less than 56

How tall is Steven Mcqueen?

4ft 7in

How tall was Justin Bieber when he was 10?

4ft 7in

4ft 7in equals how many inches?

55 inches

How tall was nepoleon?

nepoleon was 4ft 7in tall.

How tall is the normal 10 year-old?

I think it is about 4ft 7in.

Im 11 and 4ft and 7in and weigh 90 lbs is that normal?

i think...

How much should a boy weigh who is 4ft 7In?

80-115 pounds

The average height of a 11 year old male?

IM a midget 11 Year oLD 142cm (4ft 7in)

Is 49in greater than 4ft?

yes its 4ft 1 in

What is the area of a retangle 7in by 8 in?

It is: 7*8 = 56 square inches

Is 4ft 9in higher then 56 inches?


Is 43 inches greater than 4ft?


Which is greater 1yd or 4ft?

4ft would be larger than 1 yard. 1 yard = 3 ft.

How mauch taller from 43 inches to 4 feet 2 inches?

There are 12in in a foot. So 4ft 2 inches is 50ft. This is 7in taller than 43 inches

How many meters is 4ft 8?

56/39.4 = One point four two

Is 4ft 8in less or grader than 1yd 2ft 1in?

4ft 8in is less than 1yd 2ft 1in or 56 inches is less than 61 inches

Is 1 ft. 7 in. or 17 in. greater?

1ft 7in is 2in greater than 17in 12 + 7 = 19 = 17 + 2

How many inches are there in 4 feet and 8 inches?

56 inches in 4ft 8 inches

Is 56 greater than 54?

Yes, 56 is greater than 54.

Is -56 bigger than 56?

No, 56 is greater than -56.

Atoms with an atomic number greater than will undergo fission?

greater than 56 Actually its 26 (APEX) Yep. it's 26 :)

What is greater 4 feet 7 inches or 56 inches?

56 inches is greater.