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Multiplying a number by thousands increases the number. For example, four thousands is equal to 4000.

Multiplying a number by thousandths decreases the number. For example, four thousandths is equal to 0.004.

Therefore, thousands are bigger than thousandths.

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Q: Which is greater thousands or thousandths?
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What is the difference between thousands and thousandths?

Thousands means 1000s while thousandths means 1/1000.

Is 969 thousands smaller than 96 hundredths?

I think your question should be "Is 969 THOUSANDTHS (and not thousands) smaller than 96 hundredths" 969 thousandths = 969/1000 96 hundredths = 960 thousandths = 960/1000 Hence 969 thousandths is not smaller but greater tha 96 hundredths

What are the place values name in 30120.27345?

From left to right: ten thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens, ones, tenths, hundreds, thousandths, ten-thousandths, hundred-thousandths

How do you write 25 thousands as a decimal?

.025 is twenty five thousandths. 25,000 is twenty five thousands.

Is five thousandths greater than six thousandths?


Which is greater 64 hundredths or 6 thousandths?

64 hundredths is greater because after 0 it us tenths hundredths then thousandths.

What is 40.61884 to thousandths?

What is 40.61884 to thousands

Which digit is in the thousands place of the decimal 85.239?

0 in the thousands, 9 in the thousandths.

How do you writy three and eighteen thousands?

It is thousandths, not thousands 3 and 18/1000

What is 5.9999 rounded to the nearest thousands place?

To the nearest thousandths, 6.000 To the nearest thousands, zero.

How do write 1.002 in word form?

One and two thousandths.

How do you write 0.040 in words?

Forty thousandths.

What is 2.685 in word form?

two and six hundred eighty-five thousandths.

What digit is in the thousands column of 0.621?

There is no digit in the thousands column. There is a 1 in the thousandths column.

How many thousands are there in five point nought eight?

5.08 There aren't any thousands. There are 5080 thousandths.

What comes after ten thousandths?

hundred thousands 100,000

What does thirteen thousands look like in decimals?

thirteen thousands = 13,000.0 but thirteen thousandths = 0.013

What is 600 thousands?

600 thousands = 600,000 600 thousandths = 0.6

How do you write 54 ten thousands in decimal form?

54 ten-thousands in decimal form is 540,00054 ten-thousandths in decimal form is 0.0054

Is hundred thousands greater than ten thousands?

Just like hundreds are greater than tens, hundreds of thousands is larger than tens of thousands.

What is the value of 6 in 613 thousandths?

6 thousands

How many thousands in an inch?

If you mean thousandths, then: 1000

What is 145.15455 thousands rounded to the nearest thousandths?


Which is greater twentyseven thousandths or fourteen huundredths?

.14 is greater than .027

How many thousands is 02?

To find thousands, divide by 1000. Did you mean "How many thousands is 2?" If you did, the answer is .002 thousands Did you mean "How many thousands is .02?" If you did, the answer is: .00002 To find thousandTHs, multiply by 1000. Did you mean "How many thousandTHs is 2?" If you did, the answer is 2000. Did you mean "How many thousandTHs is .02?" If you did, the answer is 20