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Four sixths is bigger. Since if you simplify four sixths is equivalent to two thirds. So two thirds is bigger than two fifths, just like one half is bigger than two thirds.

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Q: Which is greater two fifths or four sixths?
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Is two fifths greater or less than four sixths?

two fifths is less than four sixths

Is two fifths greater or less than five sixths?

According to maths, two fifths is greater than five sixths.

Which is greater two fifths or four fifths?

four fifths.

Is three fifths two sixths?

No three fifths is not equal to two sixths

What is two and five sixths divided by six and four fifths?

2.125 is the answer

Is two and four fifths greater or less than two and five sixths?

less2 and 4/5 = 2.82 and 5/6 = 2.833...3 recurring which makes it the greatest

Is three fifths greater or less than two sixths?

3/5 < 2/6

Is two sixths greater than four eighths?


Is twenty two fifths greater than four and two fifths?

They are identical

What is two fifths divided by four thirds?

Four thirds divided by two fifths equals ten thirds.

Is two thirds greater than four sixths?

Two thirds is actually equal to four sixths. You have to reduce four sixths by dividing the numerator and denominator by a common factor, which in this case is 2.

Is four ninths greater or lesser than two sixths?

Four ninths is greater than two sixths, bear with me while I say why:One ninth is about 11.11%, and one sixths is about 16.66%. Got that?11.11% (1/9) times 4 = 44.4%, which is four ninths.16.66% (1/6) times 2 = 33.3%, which is 2 sixths.44.4% is greater than 33.3%.Therefore four ninths is greater than two sixths.