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The second one.

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Q: Which is larger .03 or .65?
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Which is larger 05 or 03?

05 is 02 larger than 03

Which is greater 65 percent or 0.6?

this is simple, 65% is larger and greater because, 0.6 is a tenth when 65 is a ten and a unit.

What is heavier 110 pound card stock or 65 pound?

Obviously 110 is a larger number than 65. Do you understand larger usually means heavier .

Which decimal number is larger .09 or 0.65?


Is .5 oz larger than .53 oz?

No, .53 ounces is .03 of an ounce larger.

Which decimal number is larger .3 or .65?

The second one.

How many times larger is 75 than10?

75 is 65 larger than 10

How many times can 65 go into 26?

none it's larger

When was Larger than Life - album - created?

Larger than Life - album - was created on 1989-03-27.

What is the square root of 65?

√65 = ± 8.062257748Remember that √64 = 8 so you would expect √65 to be slightly larger than 8.~8.0623

What cars use 185-65-14 tires?

03 Kia Spectra is one

How fast does a ktm 125 03 go?

With stock gearing around 60-65 MPH.

Can 185 70 r14 substitute for 175 65 r14?

No, the 185 70 r14 tire cannot be substituted for a 175 65 r14 tire. The 70 series tire has a larger diameter and is not recommended that you substitute on a 65 series tire.

Use multiples of the larger number to find the least common multiple in the set of numbers 15 65?

65, 130, 195 The LCM is 195.

Can you use a 120 watt bulb to replace a 65 watt bulb?

Look at the wattage capacity of the fixture. Some fixtures are limited to 65 watts, some can take much more. If you use a larger bulb than what the fixture was designed for you create a fire risk. If you need to use a larger bulb but the fixture is limited to 65 watts, you need to change the fixture.

What was the manufacture date of a smith and Wesson model 65-4 with serial number BRW3830?


How long does it take to drive 264 miles at 65 miles per hour?


Can you substitute 205-65 R15 tires for 215-70 R15 tires?

No this is a bad substitution as the 205/65-15 tire will be 5.07% smaller in diameter. A good substitution is 235/65-15 which is only 0.63% larger in diameter which is a good swap.

What is 065?

065 is just another way to write 65 but in 3 digits. if a 0 is in front of a number it means nothing. If it is behind a number, it becomes larger such as 650. ________________________ Answer to your Question: 065 = 65

What is the correct torque for axle nuts on 03 shadow spirit 1100?

rear axle nut is 65 ft/lbs

How much does a 2 year old black bear weigh?

Depending on sex, it can be anywhere from 65 to 100 pounds. Males are larger.

Can 215 65 R15 tires substitute 195 65 R15 tires?

No, this is not a good swap as the 215/65 tire is almost 4% larger in diameter. Your speedometer will read 57.6 at a true 60 mph. A much better swap is to go with a 215/60-15 which is a good swap. Your speedometer will read 59.5 at a true 60 mph and the 215/60-15 tire will only be 0.17" larger.

Can you substitute 195-55 R15 tires with 195-65 R15 tires?

NO, the 65 series tire will be over 6% larger in diameter. Your speedometer will read 56.3 at a true 60 mph. Your handling, traction, ride, performance, and braking will be adversely effected. If you wish to go with a 65 series tire then go with a 165/65-15 which is identical in diameter.

Can you put 24'' rims on a 03 Camry?

The car would look very odd with larger wheels.

Is 28 oz smaller than 03 oz?

no it is not smaller because 28 is larger than 3