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One decametre is equal to ten metres. One decimetre is equal to 0.1 metres. Therefore, a decametre is one hundred times longer than a decimetre.

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Q: Which is larger a decameter or an decimeter?
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Which unit is larger decimeter or decameter?


Does dm stand for decameter or decimeter?

Decimeter. I believe decameter would be Dm.

A decameter is 10 times the size of a decimeter?

Nope, a decameter is about 100x a decimeter (because the meter is in the middle)

How many decimeter in a decameter?

100 decimeters

Abbreviation for decameter?

Decameter or decimeter, is a term used to refer to 10 meters in length. The abbreviation for it is dm.

How do you convert decimeter to decameter?

Multiply by 100. 10 decimeters = 1 meters = 1/10 decameter

How many decameters are in 1 decimeter?

a decimeter is 1/1000th of a decameters. A Decameter is 100 meters, a decimeter is 1/10th of a meter

What is larger 1 meter or decameter?

a decameter

Is liter the same as a cubic decameter?

No. It is the same as a cubic decimeter though. That's an important difference as a decameter is equal to ten meters, whereas a decimeter is equal to one tenth of a meter. So one cubic decimeter is equal to one litre. A cubic decameter would instead be one million litres.

What are the metric lengths?

Kilometer, Hectometer, Decameter, meter, decimeter, centimeter, milimeter

Which is bigger a decimeter or a decameter?

A decametre is bigger - there are 100 decimetres in one decametre.

Is a decameter bigger then a meter?

A decameter is 10 times larger than a meter. A decameter is 10 meters.

Which is larger unit decimeter or centimeter?

Decimeter is the larger one.

Is a decimeter smaller than a meter?

Yes. Deci is one-tenth. A decimeter is 0,1 meter. This should not be confused with a decameter which is 10 meters.

How do you spell decameter?

The spelling "decameter" (also dekameter) is a unit of length equal to 10 meters.(The similar term decimeter refers to 1/10 of a meter.)

Name the units in order of their size with the smallest first meter centimeter millimeter decimeter?

Millimeter, Centimeter, Decimeter, Meter, Decameter, Hectometer, Kilometer

A decameter is how much bigger than the size of a decimeter?

dekameter = 10 meters, decimeter = one-tenth of a meter, so they differ by a factor of 100.

Which is larger meter or decameter?

Deca is a prefix meaning 10. Hence, a decameter is 10 meters, and therefore it is larger than a meter.

A decameter is 100 times the size of a decimeter?

Yes, that's true. Trust me! i'M A DOCTOR!

What units of measurements in the metric system?

kilometer hectometer decameter meter decimeter centimeter millimeter

How many diameters are there in 1 cm?

There are no DIAmeters in 1 cm. Diameter is the measurement across a circle. You may mean decimeter or dekameter (also spelled decameter). There are 0.1 decimeters in one centimeter. (a decimeter is 10 times bigger than a centimeter. That means 10 cm = 1 decimeter) There are 0.001 decameters in one centimeter. (a decameter is 1000 times bigger than a centimeter. So 1000 cm = 1 decameter.)

What does dm stand for in math?

dm means decimeter. It is easy to get confused of dm and dam. dm- decimeter dam- decameter Hope that helped you with ur math.....

Does 10 meters equal one decimeter?

10 meters does not equal 1 decimeter. .A meter is equal to 10 decimeters.A decameter is equal to 10 meters

Is decameter is larger than a nonometer?

I think you mean decameter and nanometer a decameter is 10 meters a nanometer is one billionth of a meter so a decameter is 10 billion nanometers

What is smaller a decameter or a decimeter?

One decimetre is equal to one tenth of a metre. One decametre is equal to 10 metres. Therefore, a decametre is one hundred times larger than a decimetre.