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one tenth

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Q: Which is larger one tenth or five hundredths?
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What is a digit in the hundredths place that is one tenth larger than one tenth of 9?

1/10 of 9 is 0.9. 0.99 is 1/10 larger (/100, x110%). So 9 would be in the hundredths position

How many hundredths in a tenth?

ten hundredths in one tenth

Is 9 hundredths or one tenth greater?

one tenth is greater than 9 hundredths

How do you changeย 1 tenthย toย hundredths?

One tenth = ten hundredths so you multiply by 10.

Which is greater 5 tenths or 5 hundredths?

Five tenths is larger than five hundredths. 5/10=.5, or one half. 5/100=.05, or one twentieth.

Is one half greater than seventy five hundredths?

no it is not. if you think about it an quarters, 1/2 is 50/100 , two quarters and seventy five hundredths is 75/100 three quarters , so seventy five hundredths is larger

Why 9 hundredths greater than one tenth?

its not 0.09 (nine hundredths) 0.1 (one tenth)

Write2.18 in ones tenth hundredths?

2 ones one tenth 8 hundredths

What is the difference between one tenth and one hundredths?

The ratio of their sizes is 10 to 1 .One tenth is ten times the size of one hundredth.One hundredth is one tenth the size of one tenth.One tenth is nine hundredths larger than one hundredth is.In the sense of subtraction, the 'difference' is: (1/10) - (1/100) = 9/100

How Do you Add 16 hundredths As A Decimal?

sixteen hundredths is written as 0.16 or one tenth and six hundredths.

What is 1.05 in words?

One and five hundredths

How many hundredths are one tenth?

Ten of them.

How do you write 4.10 in words?

4.10 = four and one tenth (or four and ten hundredths.

What is the approximate product of 42 hundredths and one tenth written as a decimal?

product of 42 hundredths and one tenth written as a decimal = 0.04 42 hundredths = 0.42 or approximately 0.4 one tenth = 0.1 0.4 * 0.1 = 0.04

50 hundredths how many tenths?

There are 100 hundredths in each 1. There are 10 tenths in each 1. This means there are 10 hundredths in each tenth. Therefore, there are 5 tenths in 50 hundredths. 1 tenth = .1. 1 hundredth = .01. 50 hundredths = .50. Divide one tenth into 50 hundredths = .50/.1 = 5.

What is four hundredths and one tenth?


Which is bigger one tenth or ten hundredths?

They are both the same

How do you write the number twenty one and five hundredths?

When written out in numerals, twenty one and five hundredths is 21.05

How do you write one and forty five hundredths in words?

It is "one and forty-five hundredths", the decimal fraction hyphenated.

What is one tenth of five hours?

One tenth of five hours is half an hour (30 minutes)

How do you say 0.05?

You can say, "five one-hundredths," or "five hundredths." You can also say "zero point zero five."

What is the decimal for three and sixty five hundredths?

The decimal for three and sixty five one hundredths is 3.65.

How do you write one thousand twenty and twenty five hundredths?

one thousand twenty and twenty-five hundredths is written 1,020.25

What is six units three hundredths and one tenth as a decimal faction?

what is the answer

How do you write 0.10 in words?

One tenth of a millimetre (or ten hundredths).

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