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Q: Which is more accurate to measure volume of liquids a burette or measuring cylinder?
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Measuring 27 ml of liquids?

27 mL of liquid can be measured with a graduated cylinder, a burette or a pipette.

What instrument measures milliliters?

A small graduated cylinder or beaker.graduated cylinderA measuring cylinder, a volumetric flask, a pipette, a burette. In the kitchen a measuring jug.The volume of a liquid can be measured by a graduated cylinder.To measure most liquids in mL you can use a graduated cylinder

What is the least count of Measuring Cylinder?

A pipette is a narrow glass tube used for transferring volumes of liquids, please define your question

What instrument is used for measuring liquids?

Measuring cylinder

What tool used for measuring precise volumes of liquids?

A graduated cylinder is used measuring precise volume of liquids.A graduated cylinder is used measuring precise volume of liquids.

What is the measuring cyllinder used for?

A measuring cylinder is used to measure the volume of liquids.

Why do you need a measuring cylinder?

measure liquids or the area/circumference of the cylinder.

What is a measuring cylinder what does it do?

okay so a measuring cylinder in is something used in science to measure liquids, it measures how mush is in there

What is graduated cylinder used for in science lab?

Measuring liquids

What is a measuring cylinder used for?

It is to measure liquids to specific amounts to be used in the scientific experiments. Sometimes called a graduated cylinder usually ruled with lines at each millilter or fraction thereof. A more common example would be a measuring cup ruled or marked in fractions of a cup though not all measuring cups have circular cross-sections.

What could you use a graduated cylinder for?

Measuring the volume of liquids, powders or granules.

Function of a burette?

A burette, or buret, is a uniform-bore glass tube with fine gradations and a stopcock at the bottom, used especially in laboratory procedures for accurate fluid dispensing and measurement. The buret is commonly used in titrations to measure precisely how much liquid is used.