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Concealing or witholding relevant information - as in this question. One would expect a list to select from.

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Q: Which is not one of the stages of scientific investigation?
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What are the stages of a scientific investigation?

The stages of a scientific investigation typically include formulating a research question, conducting background research, forming a hypothesis, designing and conducting experiments, analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and communicating results. Each stage is important for ensuring a systematic and rigorous approach to scientific inquiry.

What role do cameras play in a scientific investigation?

Cameras collect data in a scientific investigation.

What is an important step in scientific investigation?

An important step in a scientific investigation is forming a hypothesis.

What kind of question can be tested by a scientific investigation?

One that predicts an outcome.

What is one type of scientific investigations?

One type of scientific investigation is experimentation, such as stirring salt into a glass of water to determine the saturation point.

What is the relationship between scientific and philosophical method of investigation?

relationship between scientific and philosophical method of investigation

Why would scientific investigation lead to new scientific investigations?

Because you repeat investigation to look for errors.

What is tested in a scientific investigation?

A hypothesis is tested in a scientific investigation.

What are the pros and cons of using biology in a forensic investigation?

Huh? It's not debatable. Biology IS one of the scientific disciplines employed in forensic investigation.

What is the first step to take when conducting a scientific investigation?

When conducting a scientific investigation the first step is to do research. One must ask many questions and look up the background of their subject or object.

Why are the components of investigation?

scientific method

What are the standards of scientific investigation?

There is none