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A micrometre is shorter.

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Is a dictionary taller than a meter or shorter?

shorter than one meter

Which is shorter a centimeter or a meter?

A centimeter is shorter than a meter.

Is a kangaroo taller than one meter or shorter?

Shorter than one metre.

What is longer than centimeter but shorter than a meter?

Inch, foot, meter, decimeter.

Is 68 centimeters longer or shorter than 1 meter?

1 meter = 100 centimeters 68 centimeters is shorter than 100 of them.

What is shorter than a decimetre?

A millimeter and a centimeter are shorter than a decimeter.1.0 meter = 10.0 decimeters1.0 meter = 100.0 centimeters1.0 meter = 1000.0 millimeters

Is a meter shorter than a foot?

No because there is 3 feet in a meter.

Which unit of measurement is longer than a foot but shorter than a meter?

A yard is longer than a foot and shorter than a meter because there is approximately 3.2808339 feet in a meter. 3.2808339 feet is greater than 3 feet

What is a measurement shorter than a meter?

a centimeter

How much larger is a yard than a meter?

a yard is shorter than a meter by 3.37 inches

Is yard stick shorter than a meter stick?

No, a yard stick is about 0.2 inches (85.6 mm) shorter than a meter stick. Hope these helped!

Is an 87-cm rug longer or shorter than a 1-meter rug?


Is you centimeter shorter than 1 meter?


Is a meter longer or shorter then a yard?

A meter is slightly shorter than a yard

How much shorter than 1 meter is 50cm?

It is 50 cm shorter, or half a metre.

Is a meter longer or shorter than a kilometer?

A thousand times shorter. There are 1000 meters in a kilometer.

Is a foot longer or shorter than a meter?

shorter 1 metre consists 3.33 fts

Is a yard or meter longer?

A yard is just over 3 inches shorter than a meter.

How much more is a yard from a meter?

Actually, a yard is about three inches shorter than a meter.

True or false a yard is shorter than a meter?

True, 1 yard = 0.9144 meter

Is 3 meters shorter or longer than 3 decimeters?

It is shorter, a decimeter is 10cm and a meter is 100cm

What object is shorter than one meter?

cm, mm, nm, fm, dm, in There are too many objects that are shorter than one meter. Narrow the question

Is a meter longer than 114 centimeters?

1 meter = 100 centimeters100 is less than 114.So 1 meter is shorter than 114 cm.

Is one meter longer or shorter than nine decimeters?

1 meter = 10 decimetersso 1 meter is longer than 9 decimeters

What is shorter millimeter or meter?

A Millimeter is shorter because it is a thousandth of a Meter.