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Which is the better round the 30-06 or the 308?

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30-06 because it's a bigger round than the .308 although it might travel slow it has greater impact on the target

2012-04-08 05:54:41
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Q: Which is the better round the 30-06 or the 308?
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What is the worlds longest rifle shot with a 3006 and a 308 rifle?

I'm not quite sure about the 3006, but I know that the longest recorded kill shot with a .308 was at about one and a half miles, possibly more.

What caliber round does a savage 308 shoot?


Will 308 rifle ammo shoot in 3006 safely?

NEVER FIRE AMMUNITION IN A WEAPON NOT CHAMBERED FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Danger, Danger, Danger,#@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

How do you round 75 308 403 to the nearest thousand?

It is 75 308 000.

Is a Winchester 30-06 mod 70 a long action?

Yes 3006, 270 is a long action 308, 243 is a short action.

Can you shoot a 7.62mm round out of a 308?

Only 7.62x51. No other 7.62 round is compatible.

How many days are there in 3006 weeks?

3006 weeks = 3006 x 7 days = 21,042 days

What is the most common use for the 308 Winchester round?


Can a 30 06 rifle shoot a 308 round?

No, it cannot.

Is 5.62 NATO same as 308?

No, 5.56 mm is roughly .223" where as 7.62 mm = .308". There is no 5.62 NATO round.

Is the 762x54r round -Dragunov Sniper Rifle Round- the same as the 308 Winchester round?

No. The 7.62x54R round is a rimmed cartridge, first developed in 1891 for use with the Mosin Nagant rifle. The .308 Winchester is derived from the .300 Savage, and has dimensions similar to - but not identical to - the 7.62x51 NATO cartridge, which is also derived from the .300 Savage.Additionally, the 7.62x54R actually has a bullet diameter of 7.92mm, vs. the 7.8mm (.308 inches) of the .308 Winchester and 7.62x51.Another stark difference between the two is that the .308 is not a rimmed cartridge, instead using a cannlure.

270 or 308 what is better deer gun?

308 is better it is a higher caliber and shoots farther unless you want a cheap gun 308s are more expensive making you want to choose a sucky brand 308 which makes the 270 better.

Can the 30-06 round and 308 be used in the same rifle?


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What rifle is the bigger round 308 or 300?

Both fire the same diameter projectile.

Are 7.65 rifle cartridge and and 308 be fired from the same rifle?

When speaking of ammunition it is imperative to be precise with your numbers. The .308 Winchester is interchangable with the 7.62 NATO military round

What gun is better 308 or 7MM 08?

"Better" is a subjective term. Without more information, neither is "better"

What caliber is this Springfield thirty cal rifle the bullet is shorter than a 3006 but taller than a 308 shell case is 2.15 inches long?

it might be for the Krag rifle, cal. 30/40..... not 30/06

Can I fire 7.62 NATO through my Remington .308 pump?

The answer is maybe. The 7.62x51 NATO, the military round, was actually derived from .308 Winchester but has slightly different tolerances.

Is a 20 round clip for 308 semi automatic rifle illegal?

It depends on what state you are talking about.

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What is the caliber of 1903A3?

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