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30-06 because it's a bigger round than the .308 although it might travel slow it has greater impact on the target

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Q: Which is the better round the 30-06 or the 308?
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What is the worlds longest rifle shot with a 3006 and a 308 rifle?

I'm not quite sure about the 3006, but I know that the longest recorded kill shot with a .308 was at about one and a half miles, possibly more.

What caliber round does a savage 308 shoot?


Will 308 rifle ammo shoot in 3006 safely?

NEVER FIRE AMMUNITION IN A WEAPON NOT CHAMBERED FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Danger, Danger, Danger,#@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

How do you round 75 308 403 to the nearest thousand?

It is 75 308 000.

Is a Winchester 30-06 mod 70 a long action?

Yes 3006, 270 is a long action 308, 243 is a short action.

Can you shoot a 7.62mm round out of a 308?

Only 7.62x51. No other 7.62 round is compatible.

How many days are there in 3006 weeks?

3006 weeks = 3006 x 7 days = 21,042 days

What is the most common use for the 308 Winchester round?


Can the 30-06 round and 308 be used in the same rifle?


Is 5.62 NATO same as 308?

No, 5.56 mm is roughly .223" where as 7.62 mm = .308". There is no 5.62 NATO round.

Is the 762x54r round -Dragunov Sniper Rifle Round- the same as the 308 Winchester round?

No. The 7.62x54R round is a rimmed cartridge, first developed in 1891 for use with the Mosin Nagant rifle. The .308 Winchester is derived from the .300 Savage, and has dimensions similar to - but not identical to - the 7.62x51 NATO cartridge, which is also derived from the .300 Savage.Additionally, the 7.62x54R actually has a bullet diameter of 7.92mm, vs. the 7.8mm (.308 inches) of the .308 Winchester and 7.62x51.Another stark difference between the two is that the .308 is not a rimmed cartridge, instead using a cannlure.

How much will 308 bullets cost?

a round 28-35 dallors

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