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Feet would be correct as that is the plural of foot.

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Q: Which is the correct grammar a bubble six feet wide or a bubble six foot wide?
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What the correct plural form of this word 'foot'?

The plural of 'foot' is 'feet'.

Is it correct to say 200 square foot or 200 square feet?

200 square feet is correct answer.

What are some of the benefits of the Conair foot spa?

The Conair foot spa gives your tired feet a professional spa treatment with hydrotherapy. It massages your feet with waterfall and dual bubble action.

Is it correct to say 6 foot long or 6 feet long?

6 feet long.

900 feet equals to how many foot?

"Feet" is merely the plural of the word "foot", therefore, the two measurements are identical - however, "900 feet" is grammatically correct.

Is feet or feets correct?

Foot is correct. It is both the plural and singular when referring to measurement (1 foot, 100 foot, 1000 foot tall/high/wide etc). Feet are the two things on the end of your legs. * * * * * Not true. More than one foot is correct only if it is used as part of an adjectival phrase: for example a 60-foot high building. Otherwise, the building should be described as 60 feet high.

Does a horse have 4 feet?

No, the correct name for a horses feet are "Hooves". A horses foot is called a "Hoof"

At 55 mph how many feet will it take you to stop the car?

228 feet One foot. Your foot on the brake. Sorry, I couldn't resist. That answer is absolutely correct

Is it 5 foot 10 inches or 5 feet 10 inches?

5 feet 10 inches is correct.

What is correct bare foot or bare feet?

Well bare foot is "barefoot" with no spaces in. Bare feet is alright. we normally use barefoot as in " Can i go barefoot". Bare feet is "PE is done in bare feet"

What are the different between foot and feet in measurement?

foot is singular and so suggests 1 foot whereas feet is plural suggesting 2 or more feet. Though having said that, foot is often used when feet would be properly correct, eg "I am 6 foot 1 tall" should really be "I am 6 feet 1 inch tall".

Which is correct 3-foot tall or 3-foot-tall?

I believe it is 3-feet tall I say 3-foot tall or just no dash at all

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