Which is the fastest evo

Updated: 12/22/2022
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evo 6.5 tme

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Q: Which is the fastest evo
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What is the fastest Mitsubishi?

The Evo X

What is the fastest mitsubishi car?

Mitsubishi evo FQ-400

Fastest 0- 60mph evo?

Deffantly go for the evo 7/8, you would think that the best would be the newest evo, but that's not the case. Hope that helps you :)

How fast is the 2011 Mitsubishi Evo?

"The Mitsubishi Evo is one of Mitsubishi's fastest new cars, and can travel at speeds up to 160 miles per hour. Mitsubishi Evo is available for test drives at local dealerships, although all drivers must stay within legal speed limits when behind the wheel."

What does the prefix evo mean?


What phone is better the HTC evo or evo shift?

Personally i prefer the HTC evo

How does the new evo shift compare to the evo?

The Evo Shift is smaller than the original Evo and has a slide out qwerty keyboard. That is the main difference.

What is a evo license?

evo license is emergency operater's license evo license is emergency operater's license

Which phone is better the i phone 4 or the HTC evo 4g?

Evo beause the evo has faster internet

What is the fastest 4 cylinder car to buy off the line?

Mitsubishi EVO 10 FQ-400, 410hp/400ft-lbs. 3.8 0-60mph limited to 155mph

Who is Evo Morales?

Evo Morales is the President of Bolivia.

Can you root the evo and evo shift the same way?