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The gravitational force is.

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Q: Which is the main force that causes a toy car to roll down a ramp?
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What is the force that causes a ball to move down a ramp?


With how much force does a ramp push a ball rolling down it?

A ramp exerts no force, just gravity.

Why does a ball tavel faster down a steep ramp than it does down a less steep ramp?

cos the force of gravity is stronger when the ramp is steeper ini blud! XD

What if The force of friction acting on a cart on a ramp is exactly balanced by the force of gravity acting on the cart down the ramp?

The cart stays where it is and doesn't move.

In Lab 1 what force slowed the car down after it came down the ramp?


Why would a crayon roll down a ramp but need force to move up a ramp?

The heavy the crayon, it will roll down but it needs force to move it back up

Why does it apply more effort when a boy pushes a load up a ramp than a boy pushing down the ramp?

Even though gravity wants to pull the boy and the load strait down the wedge shape under him and the load causes a higher amount of resistance by creating a downward force while going up. This force is a help to the boy and load going down.

How does the steepness of a ramp affect how fast an object moves?

The steepness of the ramp affects the direction of the normal force of the object on a ramp (which is always perpendicular to the ramp). The net gravitational force is always straight down.Using the angle of inclination of the ramp with Trigonometry, you can find the vector forces of gravity perpendicular and parallel to the normal force which makes up the net gravitational force. The parallel portion is in the same direction of the ball rolling down the ramp. This will give you your force of acceleration, which you can use in basic equations to find the velocity of the object.The steeper the ramp, the faster the object rolls down. A ramp of 0 degrees would result in a ball just sitting on the ramp as normal force and gravitational forces cancel each other. A ramp of 90 degrees would be like a cliff and this would produce the fastest velocity since the ball is moving in the same direction as the force of gravity in free fall. A ramp with an angle between these means that part of the gravitational force is being offset by the normal force.

How does the mass of a toy car affect its speed going down a ramp?

The weight of the car will cause the force of gravity to push it down with seemingly more force than the lighter car. And so this would make the car go faster down a slanted surface, which is the ramp.

When a ramp is at a angle of 10.5 degrees what will be the applied force?

The applied force will depend on the required force, and the angle to the ramp (or the horizontal) at which the force is applied.

When the toy car is placed at the top of the ramp what force acts upon the car to make it slide donw the ramp?

gravity pulls it down....but of course inertia

Would a toy car go faster or slower down a ramp with sandpaper compared to a ramp with no sandpaper?

Sand paper causes FRICTION...which makes the car go slower. So a toy car would go faster down a ramp with no sand paper.

How can you reduce force on an impact?

anything that helps disperse the force equally over a longer period of time, such as a ramp (remember its the rapid deceleration that causes the pain)

Why does it take more force to move a heavy box up a ramp than to move the same box down the ramp?

because going down the acceleration of gravity works in your favor, once it starts to move.

How does the increasing the height of a ramp affect how far a ball rolls down ramp?

how does increasing the height of a ramp affect how far a ball rolls down the ramp

What will happen to the effort force if the height of a ramp is increase?

More force will be required to push an object along the ramp.

Will a heavy toy car go faster than a lighter toy car go down a ramp?

Yes. The weight of the car will cause the force of gravity to push it down with seemingly more force than the lighter car. And so this would make the car go faster down a slanted surface, which is the ramp.

Expain how an inclined plane such as a ramp can decrease the amount of force required to lift an object?

Because the force of gravity is no longer straight down on the object, it is at an angle. thus when you have a ramp some of the force due to gravity is dispersed in the x plane, causing the force down on the y plane (vertical) due to gravity ( mass x gravity) to be less thus decreasing the amount of force needed to lift.

Does the height of a ramp affect a toy car's speed going down it?

Yes. The height of the ramp does affect the speed going down it the higher the ramp the faster the car goes down it

Why does the higher the ramp affect the speed of a car?

a ramp offsets the normal force of an object which allows gravity to have an x component relative to the object. the greater the incline the greater this effect is. A car attempting to go up a ramp will be slowed by this effect, and a car attempting to go down a ramp will be sped up by this effect.

What is the advantage of a machine that changes only the direction of a force?

when you change the direction of a force more of the applied force can be used to move the mass at the other end.on a x,y plot if your pulling a force up a ramp you want all the force to be applied parallel to the ramp so that none of the force is pulling the mass down at the ramp,similarly you don't want to be pulling the object off the ground and across the ramp or your wasting applied force to lift the mass.(hope this answers your question. its hard to explain adequately without being able to graph it)

How can you decrease the effort force needed to push a weight to the top of the ramp?

increase the length of the ramp.

How does weight effect speed down a ramp?

Yes, the weight of an object going down a ramp has an effect on its speed. Imagine a ramp . one with nothing in it , and a nothing with a person. a ramp or hill . and you give each a push at the same time which one will get down faster , the one with more weight because the force of the person on the front will make it faster. or you could do one at a time , and time each . either way the one with more weight is faster.

Does changing the height of a ramp affect the speed of the car going down the ramp?

Changing the slope of the ramp will affect the speed of the vehicle going down it.

A 0.25 kg steel ball experiences a net force of 1.15 N as it rolls down a ramp. What is the acceleration of the ball?


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