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name one pair of perpendiclur line segments?

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Q: Which is the name of the vertical line in a triangle?
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What is a perpendicular bisector on a triangle?

It is a perpendicular line (a vertical line) that divides the triangle into two equal parts.

What is the symmetry of isosceles triangle?

An isosceles triangle has 1 vertical line of symmetry

What type of triangle has only 1 line of symmetry which is vertical?

An isosceles triangle

What type of symmetry line does an isosceles triangle have?


What is the name of the vertical line?

A vertical line!

Which comes next in the pattern of a horizontal line a L shape and a triangle a right triangle a square a rhombus or a vertical line?

a square

What does the light on the dashboard mean with a triangle on my 2000 Passat?

Triangle or triangle with a vertical line in the center is usually the symbol for the hazard lights

What is the name of a vertical line on a graph?

The name of a vertical line is simply named by the number on the x axis it is on.

What is the definition of leg on a right triangle?

the two vertical and horizontal "legs" of a triangle. the other diagonal line is the hypotenuse.

What is the cross section formed by a plane that contains a vertical line of symetry for a tetrahedron?

It is a triangle.

What is the length of a perpendicular segment from a vertex of a triangle to the line that contains the base?

The vertical height.

How many lines of symmetry in an isoceles triangle?

There is only one line of symmetry in an isosceles triangle. If you draw this triangle with the "odd" side as the base and then bisect it with a vertical line, you will have that one line of symmetry. The triangle can be folded in half along this line because each side is a mirror of the other.