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Q: Which letters in the numbers have horizontal and vertical symmetry?
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What numbers one through ten have lines of symmetry?

3 (w/ horizontal line of symmetry) and 8 (horizontal and vertical).

What does grid reference means?

A map reference indicating a location in terms of a series of vertical and horizontal grid lines identified by numbers or letters.

What type of lines of symetry does the numbers 0 through 9 have?

It depends on how you write them. For example, 2 written here has no symmetry. Where 2 on an LCD display (eg on an elevator/lift would have rotational symmetry) Usually 0 and 8 have both horizontal and vertical symmetry.

What is row in ms-excel?

A row is all the cells along a horizontal line, designated by numbers. The vertical arrangement is called column they are designated by letters.

Write three numbers whose sum is 10 in all horizontal vertical and diagonal?

Write three numbers whose sum is 10 in all horizontal vertical and diagonal?

What is a row spreadsheet?

A row header are the numbers that run down the page to identify the row of cells that go across the sheet (horizontal cells). Columns are the headings that are at the top of the page and represent the cells that go up and down the sheet (vertical cells).

What natural numbers less than 2000 have horizontal and vertical reflection?

1, 8,11,88,101,111,181,808,818,888,1001,1111,1881.

How do you make 9 boxes with numbers 1-9 only once add up to 15 in all directions?

5 in middle,6,5,4 diagnal,8,5,2 diagnal,6,1,8 horizontal, 7,5,3 horizontal,2,9,4 horizontal, 6,7,2 vertical, 1,5,9 vertical, and 8,3,4,vertical

What is a zigzag on a horizontal or vertical graph the indicates that some of the numbers on the scale have been omitted?

interval graph

How many lines of symmetry does a keyboard have?

zero, all the keys have different letters, numbers, or symbols

What are three different numbers with vertical line symmetry?

Two of them are 0 and 8. In some fonts, 1 (though not this font)!

What numbers from 0 to 9 have reflection symmetry in vertical lines?

They are: 8 and 0