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Q: Which letters show the same kind of symmetry as sponges?
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What upper case letters have vertical line of symmetry?

The letters A H I O T X Y all have a vertical line of symmetry (as they look the same on the left as they do on the right).

What is 3 capital letters with 2 lines of symmetry?

Three capital letters that have two lines of symmetry are "O", "H", and "I" since they can be reflected either horizontally or vertically and still look the same.

What is a line of symmetry in letters?

It is the same as in shapes, the ability to be divided into two equal halves either vertically or horizontally. Not all letters have a line of symmetry, and some have two (H, X, O).

Which letters have line symmetry and rotational symmetry?

The letter O has rotational symmetry on the order of one, because after being rotated by 90 degrees, it still looks the same. Letters can also have lines of symmetry, either vertically or horizontally. Examples of letters with a vertical line of symmetry include: A, H, I, M, O, T, U, V, W, X and Y.

Why some letters don't have line of symmetry?

Some of the letters don't have a line of symmety because some are not equally the same size.

What kind of symmetry does corn have?

Axial, when you turn it around it still looks the same.

Which letters look the same when you view them in a mirror and what is the explanation of this?

Letters with bilateral symmetry about a vertical plane, such as H, appear the same in a mirror. Others do not because the image is laterally inverted.

What type of symmetry do cnidaria have?

Radial symmetry.other animals (exept sponges) and other exeption have bilateral symetry. bilateral symmetrical animals have up and down side, and a front and a back leaving left and right the same. radial animals only have an up side and down side, they do not have a fornt and back side.radial symmetry

What kind of symmetry does the earthworm have?

bilateral symmetry- body plan in which an animal that can be dinided into 2 equal sdes.

What capital letters of the alphabet have no axis of symmetry?

The answer does depend on the font, but: B, F, G, J, L, P, Q, R and S. In a few fonts, for example, the top and the bottom of B are the same size so the letter does have an axis of symmetry.

Are barrel sponges the same as sponges?

Yes just a different shape

What shape has 1 line of symmetry which has 11 letters in the name?

i dont know dont ask me i got stuck on the same Q