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Q: Which mathematical system is most accurate 1apotheecary 2household 3metric4arabic?
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What is the meaning of mathematics?

Of or pertaining to mathematics; according to mathematics; hence, theoretically precise; accurate; as, mathematical geography; mathematical instruments; mathematical exactness.

What are the famous mathematical inventions?

Light Bulb- Thomas EdisonThe most accurate calendar- Ancient Aztecs

Who was urbian le verrier?

He is a French astronomer who co-discovered the planet Neptune. His mathematical prediction of where the planet would be found was accurate within a degree.

What three steps can you take to insure that your measurment are both accurate and precise?

you can predict, estimate or use mathematical tools to make sure your measurements are precise and accurate i improved this answer i didn't change anything except for the punctuation i am not sure if this is right!!

What does unlikely standfor in math terms?

"Unlikely" is not really an accurate maths term, since a number probability cannot be assigned to it. It is a descriptor rather than a mathematical term.

What is a self-similarity dimension?

a self imposed mathematical portion whereas the polar effect of oppsititaity applies from a rate of 1:25- to a more accurate scale of 1:75.

What advances did the Maya achieve in record keeping?

The Maya developed a mathematical system based on the number 20 and they were the first people to use zero. By using their math system, the Maya made great advances in astronomy. The Maya also produced a very accurate calendar system.

Why do you need math to be in physics and chemistry?

math is the skill of counting and measuring (among others) and these are essential in Chemistry and physics.+++They are indeed: Chemistry involves accurate measurements, while Physics is almost entirely mathematical.

Advantages of quantitative research?

The advantage of quantitative research is that you will get more accurate results when comparing results using qualitative research. This type of research uses statistics and mathematical data to learn new things about something.

How can scalar and vector quantities help people?

Scalar and vector quantities are used in mathematical models of phenomena. Accurate modeling allows people to understand these phenomena. People are helped by better understanding of the world around them.

What are the handicaps in solving complicated vector problems by the parallelogram method?

Parallelogram method is not that accurate because a mechanical tool such as protractor is used in constructing the angle of a vector or in other words it is only an illustration unlike in analytical method of adding vectors, mathematical computation is used which is more accurate than making an illustration to present vectors.

Is the value of pi controlled by the curvature of the universe?

No, pi is a mathematical constant, independent of the physical world. In the case of space curvature, the formula for the circumference of a circle might no longer be completely accurate, but that doesn't affect the value of pi.