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Q: Which mathematician used trigonometry first to calculate the pyramids?
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Who invented trigonometry?

The first recorded use of trigonometry came from the Hellenistic mathematician Hipparchus

What mathematician created trigonometry?

Trigonometry goes back to ancient times. The first trigonometric table is attributed to Hipparchus of Nicaea.

How did ancient people checked the height of the pyramids?

Thales of Miletos is the ancient Greek philosopher/ mathematician who first calculated the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza with the use of trigonometry and similar and right triangles.

Who was the first mathematician to calculate the value of pi?

Isac Newton

Who was the first mathematician to calculate pi?

The first person to calculate pi was Archimedes, around 250 B.C. Using the formula:A = pi r^2

Where was trigonometry first thought to be used?

Trigonometry was first used by the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians. Babylonians used it primarily in their astronomical calculations and there is some debate over whether this was actually trigonometry or some other form of calculation. However, the Egyptians did use a primitive form of trigonometry while building the pyramids. A scribe known as Ahmes actually performed a trigonometric solution in his "The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus"

Who was the first Mathematician to introduced the zero into the decimal system?

The first mathematician is Arya bhatt.

When did angles first become known in trigonometry?

Angles were known before trigonometry. Trigonometry was the study of angles and their relationship to shapes.

Who was the first famous female mathematician?

Hypatia of Alexandria was the first female mathematician, so I guess she was the first to be famous.

Where were pyramids first built?

The Mesopotamians are said to have built the first pyramids

Who was the first woman mathematician of the world?

Teano , wife of Pythgorus is considered as the first lady mathematician in the world.

Were the first pyramids built out of mud?

No the first pyramids were built from stone, it were the later pyramids that were made from mud bricks

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