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Kilometer is the longest

1 kilometer is 1 million millimeter

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Q: Which measurement is big millimeater or kilomeater?
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How big is Oman in sqare kilomeater?

It is 309,501 square kilometres.

17 km is equals how many millimeater?

17 kilometers = 17 000 000 millimeters

What will comes after the kilomeater?

A kilometer is a thousand meters. Larger prefixes could be used, such as megameter or gigameter, but they aren't commonly used in practice.

What are Measurement nouns?

Measurement nouns are words for forms of measure, for example:depthheightwidthlengthweightsizeThe corresponding measurement adjectives are: deephigh or tallwidelonglight or heavysmall or big

How big is 1.8 cm?

It's as big as 1.8 centimeters. Without a point of reference, this could be an extremely small measurement, or it could be an extremely large measurement.

What did ancient Rome say in measurement?

how big is rome

How old are Yo-yo's?

the numbers are not as big as the measurement of my penis!

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Size or Measurement

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The measurement of A7 is 105mm x 74mm

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If you ran 1 kilomeater and you were halfway how many meaters would ou have left to run?

Assuming that meaters is your fail at spelling metres (US meters), the answer is 500 metres.

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