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Q: Which measurement is more precise 1ft or 10in?
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How tall is 70 inch in feet?

1ft = 12in 70in x 1ft/12in = 5ft and 10in

How much is 94 inches in yards?

94in is equal to 2.611132 yds or 2yds 1ft 10in

How many sq ft are in 7ft?

You need to redefine your question. Square footage is a measurement of area whereas "7ft" is a measurement of length. The question makes no sense. Taken at face value, there are 7 square feet in 7 feet. 1ft x 1ft = 1ft.

What is the square size with a diagonal measurement of 1ft?

The side of the square is 1/2 sqrt(2) feet = 8.485 inches. (rounded)

What is 6yd 1ft- 1yd 2ft?

4yd 2ftas 1yd 2ft + 1ft = 2yd6yd 1ft - 2yd = 4yd 1ftthen + 1ft = 4yd 2ft

How tall is 3.5 cu feet?

Sorry, but there is no real answer to your question because "tall" is a length measurement while "cu feet" is a volume measurement (height times width times length). You see, "tall" and "cu feet" measure two different things, and "how tall" can be just about any measurement between zero and infinity. Some examples: 1ft times 1ft times 3.5 feet = 3.5 cu feet. 2ft times 1ft times 1-3/4ft also = 3.5 cu feet. 1/10ft times 10 feet times 3.5ft also = 3.5 cu feet.

What is 2 yd - 1ft?

2 yd - 1ft = 1

What is 7yd 1ft minus 5yd 2ft?

7yds 1ft - 5yds 2ft = 1yd 2 ft.

If Students used 12 inch rulers to build the edges of a model cube what is the volume of the cube?

The volume of the cube is 12" * 12" * 12" = 1728 cubic inches. Though more simply, since 12" = 1 ft, the volume is 1ft * 1ft * 1ft = 1 cubic foot.

What is 3.25 feet cubed converted to inches cubed?

1ft = 12in 1ft3 = 1ft x 1ft x 1ft = 12in x 12in x 12in = 1728in3 => 3.25ft3 = 3.25 x 1728in3 = 5616in3

What is 8 ft 8 in plus 2 ft 4 in?

12in = 1ft Therefore 8in + 4in = 12in = 1ft 1ft + 8ft + 2ft = 11ft

What is the perimeter of square that has 3ft by 1ft?

How is it a square if its 3ft by 1ft? The perimeter would be 7ft.