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Q: Which month had the lowest mean minimum and maximum temperatures?
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What is the maximum and minimum temperature of Karachi in month of June?


In the southern hemisphere the lowest surface air temperature occurs in what month?

The lowest temperatures in the southern hemisphere are during the months that are hottest in the northern hemisphere.May, June, July, August, and September.According to these graphs, the minimum temperatures on Antarctica tend to hit in August.

Sapporo has its lowest temperatures in which month?

January is the coldest month of the year when low temperatures in Sapporo are recorded. Sapporo has a humid continental climate with hot summers and no dry season.

What is the salary range for nurses in Trinidad and Tobago?

Teachers salary package (2005/2008)PREVIOUS NEWGRADE 1: Assistant teachers $4,036 (minimum) $5,192(minimum)$5,376 (maximum) $6,400 (maximum)GRADE 2: Assistant teachers $5,337 (minimum) $6,253 (minimum)$6,410 (maximum) $7,556 (maximum)GRADE 3: Trained primary school $6,511 (minimum) $7,843 (minimum)teachers $8,081 (maximum) $9,804 (maximum)GRADE 4: Secondary teachers $8,054(minimum) $9,787 (minimum)(Full degrees) $9,697(maximum) $11,838 (maximum)GRADE 5: Heads of Departments, $9,406 (minimum) $11,144 (minimum)Deans $11,566(maximum) $13,760(maximum)GRADE 6: Teacher Educators $10,362 (minimum) $12,307 (minimum)$12,497(maximum) $14,890(maximum)GRADE 7: Primary school Principals $11,290 (minimum) $13,431 (minimum)and Secondary Vice Principals $13,416(maximum) $15,999(maximum)GRADE 8: Secondary Principals $12,262 (minimum) $14,750 (minimum)$14,366(maximum) $17,358(maximum)GRADE 9: Principals of Technical $13,560 (minimum) $16,188 (minimum)Institutes and Teachers’ Colleges $15,430(maximum) $18,497(maximum)Teachers will also receive cost of living allowance of $100 per month with effect from October, 2005 to December 2006 and $125 per month with effect from January 2007. Principals and vice principals would also receive a commuter allowance of $500. .

What is the highest climate in Seychelles?

Temperatures in Seychelles range between 24 and 32 degrees Celsius, and the warmest month is April (with maximum temperatures of 32 degrees Celsius).

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I make $600 a month can a collection agency require a minimum of $200 a month.

How are daily and monthly temperatures calculated?

The calculation for a daily average is as follows: Add the day's maximum and minimum temperatures, divide by 2 and round to the nearest whole number. The calculation for a 31-day month, add the 31 daily highs and 31 daily lows, divide by 62, and round to one decimal place.

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It all depends on what part of the world you live in. In some places, December is cold and in others, it's very warm.

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