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The bigger one should come first, I.E 100 (divide ) 10, as you can not divide 10 by 100

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Q: Which number comes first when dividing?
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If any number is divided by 3 and 5 then remainder comes 2 and 1. If the same number is divided by 15. what would be the remainder?

Dividing by 3 and then by 5 is equivalent to to dividing by 15; therefore, the remainder will be the same.

What comes first the suite number or the street number?

The street number comes first followed by the street name then the suite number.

How dividing by decimal is different from dividing by whole number and how it is similar?

Dividing by decimal is different from dividing by whole number as you have to multiply by a number to remove the decimal.

What is the result of dividing one number by another?

The resulting number will fit into the first number a number of times equal to the second number.

What is the next number 162 54 18?

You are dividing each number by 3 every time. Therefore, after 18 comes 18/3 = 6.

What is the definition of a positive rational number?

Any number that can be made by dividing one integer by another. The word comes from "ratio".

Is taking ยฝ of a number is the same as dividing by ยฝ?

No, taking ½ of a number is the same as dividing it by 2. Dividing a number by ½ is the same as multiplying it by 2.

How do you divide negative mixed number?

The first stage in dividing by a negative mixed number would be to convert that number into a top-heavy or vulgar fraction. Once this has been done, you ignore the negative sign for the time being, and multiply the number by the denominator. After this, you divide by the numerator. Finally, you swap the sign of the number you started with. If you were dividing a negative number the answer is positive. If you were dividing a positive number the answer is negative.

What number comes next in the pattern 720 360 180 90?

45 it is dividing by 2

When dividing how do you know which number goes outside the box thing?

the first number like if the question is (5) first number/10 __ 5|10

Which comes first in the sexual reproduction in plants?

Meiosis or the dividing of diploid cells to for haploid "sex" cells or gametes

When dividing a positive number by a negative number what is the results?

A negative number results when dividing a positive number by a negative number.

When dividing the number you are dividing by is called the?


What comes first in an equation a variable or a number?

A variable comes after the number 2n+5n=7n

How is dividing a decimal by a whole number different than dividing 2 decimals?

Unlike dividing by a whole number, dividing buy a decimal number cannot be done directly - the divisor must first be converted to a whole number (and then the division can be done). The easiest way to do this conversion is to keep multiplying the divisor by 10 until a whole number is obtained; however, whatever is done to the divisor must also be done to the dividend, so by whatever the divisor is multiplied, the dividend must also be multiplied.

When dividing a 3 digit number. How do you know where the first digit will be in the quotient?

You look at the place value.

How do you know where the first digit will be in the quotient when dividing a 3 digit number?

In the highest place value.

What is the number that you are dividing into?

If it says x (division symbol) y, then it's the first number. Same with x/y. Divide into x.

What are the results of dividing numbers?

Wat ever u talking bout um dividing number will give you a number that's equal or odd to that number ur dividing it ur welcome

Does the order of the numbers matter when dividing three different numbers?

It matters which number comes first, as that is the numerator, but all the other numbers (the denominators) can be in any order. x/y/z = x/yz = x/zy = x/z/y

Is finding twenty percent of a number the same as dividing the number by 4?

No. By definition, 20% is equal to 0.2. Multiplying a number by 0.2 is not equal to dividing it by four. Finding 25% of a number is equal to dividing that number by 4. Finding 20% of a number is equal to dividing that number by 5.

What comes first poo or wee?

wee comes out before poo does. An explanation for this is that we refer to wee as number 1 and poo as number 2. 1 comes before 2 therefore giving you an explanation. It isn't abnormal if poo comes first though.

Why does the method of dividing fractions work?

This is related to the fact that dividing by a number is the same as multiplying with the number's reciprocal.

What two numbers when you multiply will give you 76?

For example, 1 x 76. In fact, you can choose any number as the first number, and get the second number by dividing 76 through this number.

Why dividing a three digit number by one digit number the first digit of the quotient is in the tens place?

It does not have to be. 864/2 = 432. The first digit of the quotient is not in the tens place.